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Fall 2008, Coherent and collective phenomena in quantum transport

Problem set 11 pdf due Dec 4 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Reading on one-dimensional localization: Density of states pdf ; Lyapunov exponent, localization length pdf

Lecture 23 (Nov 25) One-dimensional models of disordered systems: lecture notes , photos

Lecture 22 (Nov 20) Scattering and transfer matrices; statistics of transmissions photos

Lecture 21 (Nov 18) Thouless energy and its relation to conductance; level correlation in a mesoscopic conductor photos

Lecture 20 (Nov 13) Hermitian and circular ensembles, spectral rigidity, pair correlation function photos

Problem set 10 pdf due Nov 13 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Lecture 19 (Nov 6) Spectral statistics of random matrices photos

Topics in random matrix theory: course by Jacobus Verbaarschot
Relation between random matrices, quantum chaos and Anderson localization: Lecture 3 by Boris Altshuler; Lecture by Oriol Bohigas and Marie-Joya Giannonni

Lecture 18 (Nov 4) Wigner-Dyson random matrix theory. photos

Problem set 9 pdf due Nov 6 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Reading on weak localization, weak antilocalization, and universal conductance fluctauation: Jorgen Rammer "Quantum Transport Theory" Chap. 9 , Chap. 11

Experimental data discussed in Lectures 14-17 can be found here: pdf

Lecture 17 (Oct 30) Mesoscopic Aharonov-Bohm effect. Universal conductance fluctuations. Weak antilocalization with SO scattering. photos

Lecture 16 (Oct 28) Weak localization and Anderson localization; Magnetoresistance in a strip geometry photos

Problem set 8 pdf due Oct 30 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Lecture 15 (Oct 23) Weak localization, dephasing length, megnetoresistance photos

Lecture 14 (Oct 21) Coherent backscattering; Weak localization; Aharonov-Bohm effect pdf photos

Problem set 7 pdf due Oct 23 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Lecture 13 (Oct 16) Drude formula; Ward identity for j-A response; weak localization photos

Lecture 12 (Oct 14) Averaging the Greens functions over disorder; the non-crossing approximation, Drude conductivity photos

Reading on Greens functions and disordered systems: Jorgen Rammer "Quantum Transport Theory" Chap. 2 , Chap. 3

Lecture 11 (Oct 9) Kubo formula, Matsubara Greens functions, and analytic continuation photos

Problem set 6 pdf due Oct 16 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Lecture 10 (Oct 7) Retarded and advanced Greens functions, perturbation theory photos

Problem set 5 pdf due Oct 9 in lecture; solutions: pdf

paper on boundary scattering: H. Sondheimer, Adv. Phys. 1, 1 (1952) pdf

Lecture 9 (Oct 2) pdf

Lecture 8 photos

Problem set 4 pdf due Oct 2 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Lectures 5, 6, 7 pdf

Problem set 3 pdf due Sep 25 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Lecture 4 pdf

Properties of S-matrix (from Baz, Zeldovich and Perelomov "Scattering, reactions and decays in quantum mechanics")

Lecture 3 pdf

Lecture 2 pdf

Problem set 2 pdf due Sep 18 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Introduction to Nanoscience, by Nazarov and Blanter (Chap. I)

A link on Anderson localization

Lecture 1 pdf

Problem set 1 pdf due Sep 11 in lecture; solutions: pdf

Course Structure and Description:

Lectures: Tu, Thr, 1:00-2:30, in Rm. 2-151 by Prof Leonid Levitov,
Office 6C-345, Telephone: x3-6817, levitov@mit.edu,
Office hours: Tu, 2:30-3:30 in 6C-345

Problem sets: weekly, 13 in total, due Thursday in class (at the beginning of the lecture);

Term paper:
A list of term paper topics will be provided and discussed in class;
Grade: problem sets 60%, grading 10%, term paper 30%

Course syllabus pdf and weekly schedule pdf

Please tell us what you expect to learn in 8.513 and provide information on your background by answering these questions: pdf

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