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The season finale log: A Cup 'o Kindness Yet, is up. Sniff. Darning the Ends and an Interlude in hyperspace are up. Crossing the Line log is up. The One that Got Away log is up. Stealing from Crichton log is up. With picture!

6/20/2006 Added logs for Politics and Other Means and Share and Share Alike. (Both were optional runs)

6/6/2006 Added log for Schrödinger's Dogs

5/22/2006 Added log for Through a Mirror, Darkly.

5/8/2006 Added log for Acheron's Call.

4/26/2006 Added log for Six Hundred Times is Enemy Action.

4/11/2006 Added log for Hook, Line, and Sinker.

4/9/2006 Updated the map to include the newly opened jumpgates between Crux/Nonesuch and Juice/Nurl.

3/27/2006 Lord of the Bees. Of course, Thesis comes at the End is up too.

2/27/2006 Put up Dog? and Pony Show

2/15/2006 Put up Return to Sender. Oops, there's the log for the fleet battle and funeral afterwards and poker tournament before, as well.

1/17/2006 Put up Episode VI

1/4/2006 Put up Episode V

12/19/2005 Put up Episode IV

12/3/2005 The info from the Crystal Forest is up, and linked in from the Miscs page.

11/22/2005 Put up Lost.

11/16/2005 Put up the transcript of the Dessert Debate.

11/7/2005 Put up Travel Montage and a few associated pictures.

10/24/2005 Put up Ten Days of the Smeerp, and associated files (charsheet, HREF="../Archives/greensheet.html">greensheet, HREF="../Archives/mempackets.html">memory packets)

10/10/2005 Put up Day of the Dead.

9/28/2005 Put up Fire and Ice.

9/13/2005 Put up Urbane Legends. There's a couple of auxiliary bits: Urbanity at Parties and the Door Carving.

9/13/2005 Forgot to link to B Plot

9/7/2005 Brian updated Eva's Edited Map.

8/16/2005 Added Harbinger.

8/11/2005 Oops, there's another log up. Updated the Hippocrates deck plans to move Ruehan.

7/20/2005 Added the log for Wolfpack Hippocrates. Tweaked the edited jumpgate map.

7/5/2005 Added the log for Snipe Hunt

6/21/2005Forgot to update this in a while. The Reveries are all up. So are Imaginary Friends part 3 and Unmasked.

4/15/2005 Added One Tick More (another musical number)

3/29/2005 Added Flamestrike, some speeches, and Jeopardy questions and answers.

3/14/2005 Added Betrayals.

3/3/2005 Added Performance Anxiety.

2/15/2005 Added Final Decision

2/14/2005 Added the outcome of the Secret Hegemon meeting

2/11/2005 And another!

2/8/2005 Added another song

2/7/2005 Added Wedding Vows.

1/31/2005 Added Punch Bowl.

1/20/2005 Added Combat, by the Vineyard.

1/13/2005 Updated Fleet numbers.

1/12/2005 Added another filk.

1/4/2005 Added Memories of Pierogi (Max's book).

1/3/2005 Added The Mice Will Play.

12/29/2004 Added Tactical Simulation.

12/26/2004 Updated floor plans with semi-permanent NPCs and married quartiers.

12/13/2004 Added North Pole visions for Ciernan and First Frost of Autumn.

12/9/2004 Added lyrics for Countdown to the Flames ("Tonight")

12/9/2004 Added the log for Vendetta. (And Coordination of Plot was already up. There's some new paintings of Cassandra's: Ruehan and the fight drawing out Terrans

11/18/2004 Added the Terran Base Ship vision from Gazebo on the Edge of Forever

11/17/2004 Updated the Crux Parliament

11/15/2004 Added the Oath Drinking Game

11/15/2004 Added the ritual puzzles to the end of D Plasma Crit

11/12/2004 Added the log for D Plasma Crit. We seem to have forgotten to mention Underoutworld.

9/29/2004 Added the log for Gazebo on the Edge of Forever

9/28/2004 Belatedly added Dr. Kye's history answers to the Book of the Hegemons

9/13/2004 Added the log for Folly.

9/1/2004 Log for Flowers for Rizzo is up.

8/10/2004 Log for Rescue Parties is up. With pictures!

7/22/2004 Log for Greenliner is up.

7/21/2004 Converting the meta-pages to use CSS instead of single-pixel markup. Mostly makes them more readable as text.

7/21/2004 The Puce Hegemon Ritual is up.

7/7/2004 Added the log for Treasonous Choices.

7/5/2004 Added Ciernan and the Drew of the Week entries to the party page

7/1/2004 Added the chat between Hippocrates, Ace, Kye, and Sharra as an interlude.

6/29/2004 Added Saffron and Puce.

6/9/2004 Added the Great Space Race. Friends and Enemies is up too, if you hadn't noticed.

5/19/2004 Added rules for hand to hand throws.

5/13/2004 Added log for Let Slip the Dogs of Confusion

5/7/2004 Refiled Retribution. Also, Summer Reversals which are all new.

4/1/2004 Added log for the Season Finale.

3/16/2004 Added log for The Great Ship Robbery and the Hegemonicon.

3/4/2004 Added log for Things to do on Crux when you're Dead

3/1/2004 Log for Creation's Ink is up. And the log for A Distant Dream has been up for a little while, including links to the archives.

1/21/2004 Log for Vengeance, Served Cold

1/21/2004 There's a new quiz. The H4X0RZ current storyline has been updated to include the mini-run. And there's a picture for Estelle

12/10/2003 Log for Kingmakers is up.

11/24/2003 Log for Now We Are Six up.

Two Hegemonicon entries and one Cassandra painting added. Sparta's population fixed.

11/10/2003 Log for Ships Coming In up.

11/6/2003 Added some population numbers and fleet numbers to Miscellaneous.

10/28/2003 Added the log for Nearer My Hegemon to Thee

10/15/2003 The NPC list is updated!

10/14/2003 The log for Obsessions is up.

10/1/2003 Log for Whose Ambush Is This Anyway is up. Hmm. We didn't mention the previous run, Memorial Day.

9/15/2003 There's a page for H4X0RZ, the Sook spinoff series.

9/2/2003 Added some miscellaneous old rulings (persuasion v. fast-talk and mental defenses). There's also a listing of the Blue Hegemony Cabinet, which goes with the New Light run which now has a log up.

8/14/2003 Added grenades to the rules. Added some of them to the inventory, too.

8/12/2003 Updated the inventory to reflect the current state.

8/12/2003 Exciting Polling Script and Results

Episode 3 in the Well arc: Rebellion: A Stately Pleasure Dome Decree

7/25/2003 Compiling a short list of planets to go to soon. Also added Mirris into things like "who did what" and the party descriptions. A detailed list of missing stuff.

Episode 2 in the Well arc: Reunion: Sayonara Sook

Season opener log up: Return: Battle for Hippocrates.

Three more: London, Vertak, and the Well

Another summer rerun: Cerulean.

Some summer reruns are up: Rupert's Hole (future) , Ridena (2453.154), and Terra (2679 AD)

Added another Hegemonicon entry.

The season finale log is up. There's a little picture of the map, with arrows at the end.

Log for The Last Drop. There's a page for the battle plaques Hippocrates made.

Cassandra painted the spaceport on Tyrell's Folly

Added Publicity Stunts

Fixed some broken links and bad html.

There are some new research projects. We think Leonard Nimoy said something about protecting people from earlier Flames, but we're not sure about the details. It's now mentioned in the season finale, though.

Oops, didn't mention that Black and Gold log is up. The old Mirris pages and her diary are linked off of Mirris's pages

Added Imaginary Friends part 2. Also corrected the early (but consistent) mis-spelling of Sofia to Sophia.

Added painting of Citizens. Oops, forgot to list that the log for Imaginary Friends part 1 is up.

Added log for Double Cross Reversed the order of the money log. Added titles to the log pages.

Added a search link to the index

Added log for ENTS.

A new Hegemonicon entry

Updated the floor plans. There's a little more money

More visions got added. NPC list has been updated.

Added visions from Sharra, Hippocrates, Dr. Kye, Kith, & Eva to the visions page from the Juice run.

Renamed Fate to Rendezvous, and Aftermath to Remembrance. For mysterious reasons.

Added a new painting on Vircus

Added the Nonesuch/Sparta run . Some money changes hands.

Added the musical. :)

Added archives from the Golden Ascension: rhymes and prophecies. Added the log for Thin Red Line

Added Don't Shoot, Don't Shoot!. There's more money in the safe now.

Added Triangular Pegs, Square Holes.

Added the letter from the Farseer to Ruehan

Added Ruehan's analysis of the safe retrieved from Craterrock to the Document Archives.

Added a sample character sheet for Captain Bellarion.

Logs are up for both Split Decision and A Synchronicity of Smeerps.

Added all the summer reruns (except Riden). Two new Cassandra paintings up, too. Adjusted ship inventory to get rid of old stuff.

Added co-operative shticks to shticks page.

Added web pages to the top level index page. Changed the shticks page to list Oath shticks as examples. Updated the skills page.

Added links to the advertisements for the show's corporate sponsors.

The Remembrance season got moved to its own page, like Rendezvous. And the trailer for the season finale is linked off the season finale log.

Added the Season Finale log, and the associated log from Skyguard Command Center Omega.

Lots of stuff has changed. Oops. Summer Reruns ideas mentioned (page now gone). Two more runs: A Moment of Silence for Janzur and Books of Madness.

Deck plans are updated.

Added stuff from various shopping to inventory.

The log for Terra Incognita is up; the logs all have names. And the NPC list is updated again. There's a set of rules for how to upgrade ships.

Oops, I've been failing to update this page. There's a log for the Well run on the way to Craterrock and the Craterrock run, plus the outworld envoys note found there. There's a campaign to subtitle the runs afoot, too. (This got implemented and the page of suggested names is gone)

Added Kith's letter from the Farseer

Added Captain Bellarion's Correspondence to the Document Archives

Added the log for Stannis Law. Updated NPC list and inventory and maybe some other stuff. Added Sparky Cola Challenge to the archives

Updated Inventory and Ships, and the NPC list through Vircus.

Added Remembrance VIII.

Ace has a home page.

The log for Remembrance VII is up. Hmm. I seem to have forgotten to mention Remembrance VI.

Katya has a web page also.

Added the log for Remembrance V

Added a languages page to Kye's page

Kye has a web page! So does Eva, which I forgot to list earlier.

Added the list of ships

Added Alaris' Report, and added a few more titles, and links back to the index page

Added eva's passenger list
And what's a 133t master?

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