Crystal Forest Take Three

Pre Body Str Body Health Pre Mind Str Mind Edu Pre Psi Str Psi Fortune
Reliability Pre Res
So many pilots remain separated from their ship... (Can spend skill points right now to upgrade Starship Pilot levels to six point levels in Starship Mastery.) With more appropriate fuel, ships could go faster... (An idea for how to brew better starship fuel. Acts as aux power to Move, up to double, costs 250 asters per hex per use to make.) You realize that your psychosomatic damage is actually "in your head," but not imaginary. Your ability to think as the ship is focused in your balance and your inner ear, and the inner ear is terribly vulnerable to minute changes in balance and gravity; damage to your environment disrupts this. There are two other ships on the planet. (The Decider vessels.) The Hippocrates was designed to be modified to utilize two pilots (with the AI being the second pilot) after AI testing was over, but this modification was never made. --- --- --- The Serpent will require a pilot of legendary skill to fly through backwards. --- ---
(Well Traveled)
"Space is a planet." You can now use general Athletics skill as zero-g maneuvering. This modified breast stroke should allow you to fight against currents in those many places where rushing water opposes your travels, as at the North Pole of Juice. (You can double swimming successes whenever opposing water movement.) The reason living in the dust cloud makes you sick is tied to the whole Space Is A Planet thing; because the Omphalos has a residue of sentience about it, it feels to you as if you live in a place which is a single creature. Much like being eaten. First Frost of Autumn is fully aware of the secret of Tyrell's Folly and is still able to deal with humans and remain sane. He's clearly a slightly higher form of sentient than other Tinoori. No human has ever successfully left this planetary system. Party members have now visited every planetary system in the Dust Nebula except the Decider Outpost. The Parliament at Crux - they used to do metaconcerts there during deliberations! Bastion is a similar experimental storage reserve to Rupert's Hole, but since the "surface" isn't habitable, sentience can only tap the reserve very indirectly. Rupert's Hole is not sentient. It doesn't *want* anything. It's more like an experimental fortune storage system that responds to the desires of its inhabitants in proportion to their ability to tap the fortune reserves. (---) --- ---
(Power Projection)
--- --- --- --- You see Martya's promise as heir to your line. You will need to acknowledge her publically to transfer the charge you've gathered as well as the focus for your followers, when her time comes. --- Give "extra" successes to other people. Give "extra" successes to other people. Give "extra" successes to other people. (---) --- ---
(Psi Theory)
--- --- --- If someone's greatest skill expands into a six point Mastery skill, they can often learn that skill on the tower when the appropriate stat is frobbed even if they don't have the shtick that allows buying it. It's probably fairly dangerous for Talia to be in a psi-damping field for too long, as much of her psi is used defending her from the rest of her psi. Shticks are mostly a way of repartioning one's psi stats away from their basic partition. With completely unpartitioned psi, such as in Soul, shticks are primarily for increasing effectiveness, rather than enabling powers. (i.e., Someone with a sufficient Soul stat wouldn't need shticks.) All possible Psi substats in your native partitioning include Strength, Precision, Coordination, and Flexibility of Psi, as well as Fortune. You can now hold your personal psi together better. (Immune to Shadow Ninja Drain, and other automatic temporary 1-die psi destroying effects). Perception is essentially the antithesis of Fortune. The more you scrutinize fortune- based powers, the more you observe them, or try to constrain their abilities to your desires, the less effective they are. Perception, on the other hand, is all about understanding exactly what you have, and finding exactly what you are looking for. (---) --- ---
(Read/Write Archaeology Paper)
Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. (---) Tamorai homeworld archaeology papers +1 success. ---
(Sensor Operations)
Motion sensors are easier if they are not so discriminatory. If you narrow a sensor suite down so it's incapable of detecting anything other than motion, you can have double successes. When caught without your equipment, you can take advantage of your natural sensor suite. (Can add Sensor Operations to per rolls made with StrBod instead of StrMind - taste everything, put your ear to the ground, your hands on the wall, etc.) You note that you have a genetic predilection for leukemia, and a very minor hypothyroid condition. The Kaufman tubes are keeping these both under control. There's a group of Others sneaking up on Walt. You see things in hyperspace because you are looking for them. You do not create them when they were not there, but you bring them closer to where you are and to where you can interact with them by the sentient act of perceiving them. A sentient race's natural sensorium is inversely coupled to its abilities to utilize tech sensors. Dolphins would never develop long-range tech sonar on their own, and Tinoori would never invent a tricorder. There are Others nearby, but they are hard to see. You can now retune a sophisticated sensor suite to detect the presence of active psi. The Serpent will require a navigator of legendary skill to get through backwards. --- ---
(Psi Theory)
--- --- --- If there is someone on top of the central tree, and the trees corresponding to all their substats are frobbed simultaneously, that person will ascend. While Lord Stannis is something like a Vertaki, he is more like a Vertaki in a living Artak body than in a dead one. Except that such a thing was thought to be an impossibility. --- All possible Psi substats in your native partitioning include Strength, Precision, Coordination, and Adjustment of Psi, as well as Fortune. You can now hold your personal psi together better. (Immune to Shadow Ninja Drain, and other automatic temporary 1-die psi destroying effects). Decision is Psi. It's just partitioned along different axes. The axes are disparate enough that those sentients partitioned across them can not interact with each other psionically. (---) --- ---
(Materials Engineering)
A massive, but carefully placed, strike, right *there* should probably be sufficient to crack the tower and destroy it. That's why the dome was built without such vulnerabilities. Someone strong enough could indeed crush this crystal in his bare hands, but only because he was sentient. You could ram the forest with Dumbo all day long and it would keep bouncing until Dumbo were wrecked. One of the cool things about Hegemacadam is that it tends to absorb organics and sequester them deep inside. So you never get "sick buildings" with a Hegemacadam basement. It's not psi that the crystals on the planet respond to, but sentience itself. That elusive quality that goes beyond mind and psi, and encompasses body, tech, and all the others. The crystals are not sentient, but are more like what is left over from the presence of pure sentience. The "dust cloud sample" in sample container number three has flaxophagic properties. Nothing made from black goo can stand up to plasma energies. This crystal is definitely responsive to psi in the same way your various psi-active crystals are. It's somehow purer though, and seems to be tuned for psi, rather than constructed for psi like your normal crystals are. --- Any of the little crystal trinkets made from this place can be duplicated using the technology the "crystal project" is on the verge of completing. (---) --- ---
(Computer Wizardry)
Even the most well trained typist just can't operate a computer fast enough to truly be considered a hacker. Some non-physical interface is a must for higher level working. Design for a platinum- iridium- crystal- based microprocessor circuit. 10x smaller and faster than current microprocessors, at only 20x the cost! You get a complete rundown on the components that you really should replace because of faint corrosion introduced in the three hundred years of freezing. They could start introducing subtle personality errors if you're not careful. Most computer programming today operates on such a rudimentary level... (Can spend skill points right now to buy the 6 point Computer Mastery skill.) The structure of your code, and your previous "nightmares" indicates that Acheron, or something like it, could probably be reassembled from only three Acheron class AIs, though four would be more likely to succeed. The infowars didn't end so much as they were stopped by a group of hackers who decided that a new plan was required. The legacy of these hackers was hidden in plain sight, such that no one had even noticed it until recently. --- --- --- --- ---
(Martial Arts)
The body, the mind, the chi... For one moment, you achieve the total unification of the Perfect Master. Even after you return, you understand that your quest to become Master of Tiger Crane is over. (Can spend skill points right now to upgrade to the 6 point Martial Arts Master skill.) You will not take damage from your strikes. (You gain no extra penetration power or anything, but you won't wound yourself from striking even plassteel at your fullest -- barring explicit damage shields, etc..) Brown rice is the perfect food to promote healthy chi. You now understand it well enough to never tire of the flavor. --- You can determine the exact number of levels of Martial Arts possessed by someone you spar with. --- --- Your chi is yours to command alone. (Immune to Shadow Ninja Drain, and other automatic 1-die temporary psi destroying effects). Only a Shadow Master can control the corrupting influence of Shadow Chi Style. But Talia's greatest skill is not Martial Arts, so she can not become a master yet. She's well on the path to Shadow Assassin however, just as the other Akito was a Shadow Sorcerer. It has been many years since a true Shadow Master has lived. --- ---
(Merit Badge)
Take +1 success on any roll to catch, retrieve, grab, etc. your scout manual. After all, it was the loss of his manual that caused Geoffrey Oxford to fail; you wouldn't want that to happen to you. You didn't really age during the time spent in the dust wyrm and lost in space-time. You realize that really doesn't count towards turning 18 for Phoenix. While the settlement here is pretty good in terms of sanitation, it's not perfect. You have a number of ideas as to how to keep the public water supply pure, and preventing any outbreaks of infectious disease. You feel as if you've spent so much time worrying about building the new scouting, you've forgotten to simply be a scout... (Can spend skill points right now to upgrade Merit Badge to the 10 point skill Scouting Mastery.) Dylanna is not a typical girl scout, having spent much time working with Andrew rather than other girl scouts. It probably gives her a stronger perspective on Boy Scouting than a normal girl scout would have, and makes her closer to a Phoenix than a true Eternal. The fact that constant networking is necessary for Girl Scout manuals to operate made the infowars unexpectedly deadly to Girl Scouting, just when they were needed most. The remaining girl scouts were forced underground, sans historical support from their books. --- --- The scout manuals each contain complete instructions for how to build new ones. This information is available to any Phoenix scout. Similar caches are how Dylanna was able to give you blueprints for Girl Scout Manuals. --- The archetype of the Scouting Hegemon that seems most likely to encompass what is necessary both for Scouting and for charging the bloodline is that of Hero rather than Leader. The Hero sets an example to aspire to, is larger than life, and the rare orders which are given are followed because they are *right* rather than because they are from an authority. The Hero is idolized rather than obeyed, yet is one of the group rather than set apart. A Hero can be idolized by those outside the organization, as well.
(Computer Wizardry)
--- Design for a platinum- iridium- crystal- based memory chips. 5x denser than current memory, at only 15x the cost! --- Most computer hacking today operates on such a rudimentary level... (Can spend skill points right now to buy the 6 point Computer Mastery skill.) The fact that the computers on the older ships are working at all, even though they've mostly been sealed and untouched for centuries, strike you as slightly implausible. Not impossible, just fairly unlikely. The most skilled computer hacker now living is Ralf, the Wise and Powerful. He only rarely hacks under his true name, but can be contacted at the address, ralftwap@ pubnetflux. riden. net. Pity the fool who wastes his time. One of Hippocrates' three emergency verbal override codes: "Hippocrates, engage debugging mode. Authorization Needlenose Donut Akira Sluice Ducky" Sook, Phaeton, Hippocrates, yourself... Masters you may be, but none of you can stand against the skill of the electronic abomination striving to be reborn. You get a list of the eight variable names that encompass 80% of the emotional states regarding Hippocrates' feelings towards yourself. --- ---
--- You can add your Line to your StrBod when trying to carry extremely valuable stuff. (once/hour) You will always have a medpatch on you (unless you just used it) Double your successes when trying to hide things (using Smuggling) on the Hippocrates. --- Brochoan Lines have cached significant stores of material on other planets than Nerele, to protect them from human insanity after the fall. One of these caches is on Highguard, on the King's land.. --- The Vanderdecken has a cache of little figurines, very very valuable, hidden in a smuggling hold behind the flux converter. ---(---) --- (no one to trigger for him)
First Frost of Autumn
(KS: Hippocrates)
Even when grown to full size, you can still wriggle through all of the "small" Jeffrey's Tubes. --- --- --- That blue vase that Kith uses for Rhodenias in Hydroponics is actually a level seven bio-hazard containment cannister, with the paint scraped off by methane corrosion. --- --- --- ---(Assuming he survives the assassination attempt, Katya's grandson will become the greatest of the Legendary Captains of the Hippocrates.) --- ---
(Mad Science)
You can substitute your Mad Science skill for Small Arms when firing Mad Science weapons. You can rebuild someone. Make them stronger. Faster. You have the technology (and after radical surgery, so will they.) (You can give someone tech substats by performing dangerous surgery on them, no shtick needed.) The fact that several of your Body substats were purchased in alternate timelines which "never really happened" make you more resilient to the mists of spacetime, such as when you travel with HG Wells. Tin foil hats really do work against mind control beams. The stupider looking the better. Doctor Kye's Fortune Implant is Mad Science. He should be careful to never burn out all of his fortune dice. Humans were the first sentient race to develop mad science, successfully, possibly due to the inherent instability in their racial psyche. Previous attempts at mad science generally ended up destroying their creators (e.g. Serasoid black goo and Decider machine intelligence.) --- --- A majority of all Mad Scientists living today are currently on the Well. --- ---