SkyGuard Command Base Omega
Final Log Entry

Recorded: 2448.240
Recording Officer: Ambros Gabriel Nomarche - Strategos of the Hegemony

All around me, my men perish from the attack of the beast. Several I have had to kill myself. And yet, amidst this destruction, I am untouched. Once more, the hand of fate has spared me, that I might reach my goal and seize that destiny which is rightfully mine.

Though the gods of our ancestors themselves oppose me, I am unscathed. My victory is assured. My ascension is guaranteed. I see now that it is not by weapons that I shall rule. My right is absolute, and in time, this shall be seen by all.

This place has served its purpose. I now order its destruction, and return to the Inworlds, to continue my grand design. They served me well. I will remember them in the times to come. But their lives were spent in my service, and their deaths are thereby ennobled.