Crux Parliament
There are 100 seats on the Crux Parliament. A party which falls below 1/100th of the registered population in members loses its seat or must merge with another party. (Parties which have active committees and processes tend to merge).

Proposals are introduced to parliament by non-senators; they must be immediately adopted by a party or they fail. They must then be immediately adopted by an opposition party or they automatically pass. A vote may be called immediately, or after discussion, and parties vote en bloc for, against, or choose not to vote. If a proposal receives 51 or more votes for, it passes immediately; if it receives 51 or more votes against, it fails immediately. Otherwise it remains open for discussion.

(There has been some change since Season 1. Changes are noted.)

10 (+3) Defender Military, police, etc.
10 (+1) Good Neighbors All the outworlds need to stick together.
9 Spagnall-Forbridge Up with technology! All of it!
8 Evolutionists Down with technology. Magic is the way.
8 Egalitarian Mash all class differences!
8 Mercantile Free trade solves all ills.
7 (-3) Independence As little taxes as possible. Let people sort things out themselves.
7 (-2) Omphalos Regnant Pro-outworlder, anti-inworlder.
7 Maximus Crux for Crux! Everyone else can deal on their own.
6 Dawn Promise Protect the children! Pro-education, pro health care, etc.
4 Efficiency Governmental bureacracy, gloms up other parties.
3 Far Gift "Green" party - protect the planet, EPA, etc. (Crux is a gift from wherever, and will be a gift to the future.)
3 Steadway Kinda like Nietzcheans. Sink or swim, we grow stronger through adversity. No coddling.
3 Green Heart Originally farmers, now generally country.
2 Sage Our elders know best. (Also pro-SS, Medicare, etc.)
2 (+1) Golden Ascension We were shaped by aliens vastly more powerful than us. They will return someday. They are Other and beyond our knowing.
1 Solipsist These guys are kinda random.
1 Crux Coalition A conglomeration of several small parties: fierce criminal punishments, anti-Nonesuch/Gateway, and Librarians.
1 Cooperative Front Sneakiness for Good!