Mental Defenses

We've divided mental psi, for the purposes of defense, into three approximate categories.

  1. Mind Control, Projective Empathy, other influences.
  2. Telepathy
  3. Receptive Empathy, some Precognition, and "Miscellaneous"
(We do not guarantee that all psi powers can be resisted with mental skills. Teleportation, for example, is resisted with Strength of Body rolls with skill in Spatial Awareness applying).

Skills which protect against one category cost three points (and can have uses for things other than resisting psi). Things like "Strong Willed" protect against mind control. Things like "Cryptic Thoughts" protect against telepathy. Things like "Extra Subtle Mind" protect against empathy and precog.

Feel free to come up with named skills which feel appropriate for your character; maybe telepaths have a hard time with you because you've been practicing doing all your thinking in Pig Latin, and you have the skill "Pig Latin Thoughts".

There's been the additional introduction of the five-point skill "Mental Discipline" which is resistance to both mind control and telepathy.

There is no longer a distinction between active and passive skills. I.E. For a while, we were thinking that this involved having to actively think "Mary had a little lamb" to yourself for one of the defenses, but we've since decided that this was too mean. But protective skills do only apply when you get a roll to which you can add them. People using schticks or talents that do not allow resistance rolls are in general not inhibited by these skills.

People who want five point skills which cover some other combination may suggest suitable names/definitions for such skills.

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