Evaline Rose Thorssen

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I. Computer Files

Everything in the "crew" directory is readable to the entire provisional crew.





  • Copies of Dr Asimov Smith's papers on the native peoples of Nurl.
  • Copies of Dr Midian Kandemeer's papers on the Tarn Alliance.
  • Notes on Dr Kandemeer's papers.


  • An essay: "Link Analysis"
  • An essay: "Reading Between the Lines"

II. About Eva

Eva's passport identifies her as a 22 23 24 25 year old (born: 2755.215) resident of Sanctuary, New Light system. In reality, she is the 19 20 21 year old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter of a Duke from Highguard, who happens to be brother-in-law to the King of Highguard and uncle to Doraine Melcamot. She also has a twin brother named Nikolas, who is the member of her family she mentions most often.

She's asked that crew attempt to keep her two personas separate: in other words, to act as if they're two different people, one of whom you've never met, unless you meet her in her other persona. For the record: Shoshana Alexandra von Torsten, born 2759.028 on Highguard. Sharra, Janzur, and Cassandra have also met Shoshana.

III. Character Notes

Season 1 Notes - Season 2 Notes - Season 3 Notes

Out of Character

I. For the GMs

  • Private Character Info

II. Secret Origins and other Fun Stuff

IV. Credits

  • Rose dragon drawing by Meilin Wong.
  • Isra portrait also by Meilin Wong.

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