(Chronological Order)

AS 2158.187
Hegemon-in-Exclusion Tiridan

Governance in the wilderness, even of a small tribe, is a far stranger thing than governance in the inworlds. Food and shelter become a more immediate necessity - but law and justice cannot fall by the wayside. One would think that with such more immediate concerns, there would be less time and energy for trouble and disagreement, but this appears to not be so. I suppose I can only be grateful for that - were a fall from civilization the answer to all the ills of society, what would that say for all we had accomplished?

AS 2312.278
Hegemon Rannal

The Sentinal of the Stars has walked among our small Hegemony once more. He urged me to bring my folk back, but he speaks from fondness and sentiment. He looks at us and he sees only the distance, the smallness - he cannot see that to keep a fire burning through the night with no fuel, it must be banked and low. But though I cannot accede to his wishes, we have need of his service, and that of the Elite, both for protection and for the illumination of honor they carry.

AS 2441.321
Hegemon Darin

It appears that the war is approaching even here. I've restricted the valley, so there should be no outside patrols which might attact attention to us. I wish I could be pursue a more active course, but my Sentinel is old, and his replacements are not up to the task. Without the resources of the Academy, training Elite to the standards of my father is difficult. But to wish for what cannot be had is folly, unless it is to remember it as a goal for tomorrow.

AS 2464.077
Hegemon Darin

The recent arrival of a stranger in our midst is both reassuring and unsettling. It is good to know that the outer wars are over, but that a stranger can find us so easily is an ill portent for our future. This Farseer, who wishes to be Hegemon of the far settlements does well to seek my council, but I fear I can not allow such contact to continue.

AS 2478.311
Hegemon Darinsol

Today I put to rest the last of the Alite. The memorial I have had made in their honor shall tell of their bravery for all the days to come. Look upon it with sadness, for their like shall not come again. With his death passes the last of our contact with the valleys beyond the rim. I consider sending scouts to renew our ties, but the warnings that only the Alite Guards dare venture from the valley in safety are strong, and I believe I must heed them.

AS 2485.243
Hegemon Varna

I've decided to accede to the wishes of the council. Tomorrow, I will be sending the Sentinel along with thirty others to establish themselves in the valleys approximately 140 km east of here. They should be able to be self-sufficient and provide a significant buffer, both militarily and socially, between our people and the main settlements. I pray that this will provide us with the security we need.

Hegemon Varna

I've given orders that the eastern valley cease their communication with this village. I was glad of their reports, for knowing that they will survive without support from us gives me strength to face the time ahead. But now they must forget that which they guard, lest their contact with their neighbors further east imperil us unknowing. The Sentinnal is a strong man, and was trained by the last Alite, so I am sure they will endure.

AS 2523.324
Hegemon Klist

The harvest is lost. We sent a messenger to the far valleys for assistance, but no one every returned. We will attempt to live through the winter on our stores, but the fire reduced them by almost half. Always have more reserves than you think you will need. If we survive this winter, that lesson will be needed in the future. If not, perhaps our mistake will be the Hegemony's last.

AS 2631.083
Hegemon Ilia

For a fortnight, since her daughter died, Mera has awoken with dreams. Visions. She says that outside of the Hegemony, there are those who can cut the body open and stitch it together again without fail, that there are those who can join their healing magics to cure the whole body of infection and poison. I weigh her words and they hold only truth. But I cannot permit contact past the Sentnal Gate. I see the life she hopes for there, but beyond that, I see the end of all things. The Gate must stay sealed.