Ship Stats

HMS Hippocrates
6 6 8
Str 6 6 8
Pre 6 9 8
Special 8 6 8
Schtick: Medical Passport
Schtick: Eidetic Memory
Schtick: Kaufman Pods
Exotic Dancer
4 3 3
Str 4 4 4
Pre 6 3 3
Special 5 3 5
Anti-gravimetric hull. +3 dice for stealth. Cannot use weapons for a full turn after using this ability to sneak.
Reduced EM signature. The ship itself makes a ``helper'' stealth roll using Pre of Tech and that same number in skill. (i.e. with these stats, it rolls 3 dice with 3 skill, divides by two, and gives the pilot that much stealth skill even if he has none to start with).
Adaptive Sensor Countermeasures. When sneaking, you may ask ``Did anything see me?'' and get the answer. Anything trying to see you gets a free new roll to see you at +1 difficulty when you ask.
Integrated Holotechnology. Entertainment-grade holotech inside the ship and in a nearby perimeter. Roll for 5s for Ship Disguise. You may not disguise the ship as anything substantially smaller than itself, and no larger than the Bellarion or the Great Omphalos Dust Wyrm.
Death Blossom. Shoot the nearest ship with your full Pre of Body dice and do double damage. Then, shoot the next nearest ship with one fewer die. Then shoot the next, and so on. Usable once per turn; you may not skip over ships. May not dodge for a full turn afterwards.
Trilaminar Electrodynamic Hyperspatial Flux Capacitor. Once per run, you may hook the flux capacitor to a particular ship's system, to overclock it. Powerful, but dangerous. Overclocked systems decrease the ship's reliability on 1's.
Backup Engine. If the ship falls below 0 hit points, the backup engine comes on line to take it back to 10 hp.
Bat Out Of Hell. You may take all your remaining actions now, only to move.
Legal Identities. Nine individual transponder identities, each with its own fully valid registration.
  1. Exotic Dancer: Well registry (Hunted on the Well)
  2. Genetic Diversity: Vircus registry (Where's that now?)
  3. Puff Adder: Stannis Law registry
  4. Champagne Bohemian : Gateway registry
  5. Rose of Jericho : Tinara registry
  6. Certified Milk : Juice registry
  7. Guttersnipe's Revenge : New Light registry
  8. Surety Bond : Nurl registry
  9. Grudge Yenta: Lendt regist
3 1 2
Str 4 1 2
Pre 3 1 2
Special 4 1 3
Schtick: Good smuggling spaces
Disad: Readily identifiable by Blue military
Elite Shuttle
3 1 1
Str 3 3 1
Pre 3 1 2
Special 3 2 2
Skill: Hacking Defense - 3
Hegemonic Fighter
Named: Clarke's Honor
3 1 2
Str 3 2 3
Pre 5 1 3
Special 3 1 2
Shtick: Extra Maneuverable:
    +2 Move and +1 Pilot Success
Schtick: Torpedo Mountpoint
Defensor Hominem, Star of Pierogi left at Crux
Vigilance blown up by Red Space Marines.
Engine Number 9
Left at Vircus with Xanthippe's Car
2 1 0
Str 5 1 1
Pre 2 1 1
Special 3 1 0
Schtick: Towing Coupler
Disad: At Vircus
Skyguard Battle Squadron One fighters
4 1 1
Str 4 2 2
Pre 5 1 2
Special 3 2 1
Schtick: Wingmen
Schtick: Body 4 for Speed
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