Improving Ship Stats

For those poor ships who, for whatever reason, don't receive their own EPs (every ship out there except the big H), here is the mechanic for increasing their stats:

Purchase components

If you wish to raise a substat to N, components to do it will cost N*1000 asters. They can only be purchased at an appropriate place in the inworlds where such things are found. If raising this substat to N would result in the total stat increasing to N, you need to spend N*2000 asters instead.

You could scavenge components from another ship, but it would likely require several points of scavenging to produce one of upgrading. And using scavenged components will occasionally result in odd quirks (schticks/anti-schticks) depending on the source.

Disassemble Ship

Once you have the components handy you may at any time make an engineering roll to start the process. You need as many successes as the ships current value in the relevant substat.

The relevant substat immediately drops to 0.

Reassemble with New Components

Each week you may make an engineering roll to increase the ship's stat from its current level (X) to (X+1). You require X successes for 7's (plus any tech level modifiers) to accomplish this.

This can happen any week, one roll per week. Multiple engineers working simply add an extra success for each additional helper. Multiple engineers can work on separate substats on the same ship simultaneously, if two different things are being upgraded.

Engineers working on ships in this way can not make rolls for research. We suggest the repairs always occur during regular research weeks for simplicity.

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