1. Several half written and never mailed letters to Simeon Bellarion, the captain's estranged brother. Apparently, the main rift was between the Bellarions' father, and Simeon, who did not choose to serve the Hegemony in the SkyGuard or any other military branch. After the death of the Bellarion patriarch several years pre-game, Adrian began writing letters to his brother in an attempt to seal the rift between the three of them, but never found the right words, and never mailed any of them. Simeon apparently moved around a bit, but the final three letters written for him were addressed to Cerulean.

    All other letters in the file are incoming letters. Bellarion apparently never saved copies of personal correspondence he sent.

  2. Letters of rivalry between Margot and Adrian Bellarion regarding the competition between the two of them over command of first the Strategos' newest battle-cruisers, the Ajax. It takes some careful reading to realize that the rivalry is in a large part in fun, and the two really do love and respect each other's accomplishments.

  3. Private letters from someone high up in fleet command acknowledging that Adrian Bellarion withdraws from consideration for command of the Ajax on the condition that Margot (nor anyone else) ever finds this out.

  4. Letter of condolence to Adrian on her posting to the Ajax. "Though we both know the better captain would win!"

  5. Letters from Margot to Adrian in which she is adjusting to her command and shaking down her crew.

    All further letters from Margot came in over fleet channels but in a private person to person encryption code rather than in the clear.

  6. Questions of uncertainty from Margot related to the mission of her command. Now that she's gotten everything under control and has the confidence of and confidence in her crew in ship, the actual power under her command is finally registering. She is somewhat unclear why the Hegemony would need an Ajax, let alone the whole class of them yet to be constructed.

  7. Concern from Margot that she's being tested in some way. She receives strange orders and obeys them, even though she has twinges that something isn't right here and there. Eventually, she thinks she's passed the tests, but wonders why her loyalty would be questioned in the first place.

  8. Letters of concern from Margot Bellarion about various oddities she's been picking up in fleet deployments. There appears to be a lot of pointless reshuffling of assets. There are also odd training exercises: for instance, several regarding coordinated attacks and defense between sub-units forbidden to communicate with each other, for instance. All sound in theory, but fairly unlikely in practice.

  9. Definite statements from Margot that she thinks there is something wrong, though no one knows what it is. The SkyGuard and the Legions, at least parts of them are clearly preparing for something, but it's unclear what if could possibly be.

  10. One final message from Margot: "I've found it. We've got to meet soon."

    That message was received the day before the disaster and probably (Hippocrates supplies) explains why the captain was so distracted during Fate II even in the face of having an Elite on board.