Non Player Characters


Deep Blue
Hegemonic AI, currently coordinating Bastion Navigator Control
Commander Millicen Graf
in Bastion Fleet Command
in Navigator Control
Davira V'Dalari
Ruehan's cousin and seductress of Artak, now in charge of the "Vertaki Expeditionary Force"
"Lord Dinar"
Vertaki aide to Davira
Lt. Justin Cooper
Lord Dinar's sidekick
Jirri MacAllen
Spartan Skald
Grandmother Yarris
Part of the Outworlds Alliance coordination group


Clan leader of the Hot Caution tribe (of which Sook is now a member)
Speaker to the spirits of the Hot Caution tribe
Chagga of the Great Eyed Gheer
Clan leader of the Authorized Personnel Only tribe
White Dog, Little Bird, Hunting Bird, Angry Cloud, Sky Devil
Newly named members of the Authorized Personnel tribe
Wind between the stars, Devil Badger
Ruehan and Dr. Kye
Dr. Barton
head of Memento Mori dig


Wisewoman Greta Estelle
Leader of the Fernwash mission
Sandra and Mylla
Two other Wisewomen at Fernwash
A psionic theorist from Rupert's Hole, now at Fernwash.
the speaker for the decision
Leader of the Decider group at Fernwash
the improvisator, the source talent, the balance talent
Three other Deciders at Fernwash



Margalt Fender
Senior member and thus Chairman of Parliament. Part of the Efficiency Party. A career government official.
Creighton Peters
Senator in the Defender party and Admiral of the Crux fleet, all twelve ships of it.
Pica Friedling
Assistant to Senator Peters. She apparently has some sort of job evaluating intelligence for him, and has some psi ability towards that end.
Seila Vandily
Senator for the Good Neighbor party and principal mover behind a mutual defense pact for the outworlds.
Harilon Skive
Senator for the Omphalos Regnant party.
Ilena Glace
Senator from the Golden Ascension party. She appears to feel only sorrow and pity for the sadly deluded party, that they think aliens could be so malevolent.
Dolori Huang
Spammer and Golden Ascension staffer; head of the Dust Wyrm project
A psi and Golden Ascension staffer
Charles Forsythe
Head of the new Cooperative Front party
Felliman Smythe
Planetary Liason, currently assigned to Lendt
Jaheris Dieth
Cooperative Front official, sent to Bastion for Red/Vertaki fleet conference
Good Neighbors official, sent to Bastion for Red/Vertaki fleet conference


Dmitri Petros
Envoy from Pierogi to Crux. A haunted, broken man.
An Armsman from Pierogi, now his guard
Mitchell Wilson
Envoy from Sparta to Crux
Grandmother Teek
Envoy from Creek to Crux
Horace Flint
Envoy from Bastion to Crux
Ergrave Quimper
Envoy from Rupert's Hole to Crux
Candace Zelt
Envoy from Lendt to Crux
Terry Glassman
Envoy from Nonesuch to Crux
Kestrel Smith
his messenger to Nonesuch
Natalia Klothallad
Envoy without portfolio from Gateway to Crux
Bertan Natalad
her messenger back to Gateway
Credence Aeris
Envoy without portfolio from the Gloryweb Trading Fleet to Crux
Verity Mault
his messenger back to the Fleet
Sir Hubert Swartz
Envoy without portfolio from New Light to Crux
Lina Gardner
his messenger back to New Light
Jason Gardner
his other messenger
Helene Chrysarid
Envoy without portfolio from Riden to Crux
Castille Staught
her messenger back to Riden
Siong Tseng
her other messenger back to Riden
Grace Telledine
Envoy without portfolio from Stannis Law to Crux


A diviner at the Rosicrucian Academy
Davon Itoya
Mayor of Flatland
Wayland Bierdle
A Flatland logger and rabble-rouser against the Tinoori
Grandmother Hannah Ward
An old Grandmother from Creek, at the Whitecliffe Hospice. Now passed away.
the Jaspers
A semi-happily married couple befriended by Kith
A troubled young man from the Small Field settlement, now a starport guard.
Raul Umberhardt
A retired professor of electrical engineering, the recipient of a mis-addressed piece of mail from Dolori Huang.
Precog at the Rosicrucian Academy


Warlord of Gateway
Lorene Klothallad
Klothos's Herald
Dr. Trine
Memento Mori project lead at the Bowl.
Rainer de Bois
Noble and patron of the arts. (Previous owner of part of the footstool, now stolen and on Nurl).
Nelson de Bois
Rainer's son and Black addict
Wilmont Reed
Rainer's rival in the art patron world
Tilian Morganti
Golden Ascension party member, visiting Gateway


Maximilian von Warrick
King of Highguard
Duke & Duchess von Torsten
Shoshana's parents
Dominick and Elspeth von Torsten
Shoshana's brother and his wife
Joachim Ramirez
Possibly slightly engaged to Shoshana
Master Votri
Acting Archivist. Quite old.
Merrick van Jussen
Highguard swordsman in the tournament
Benjen van Jussen
Merrick's little brother, and troublemaker
Fenton Garrit
Horseman in the tournament
Lt. Mason Waller
In charge of boarding inspections at the Highguard/Nurl border.
Nikolas von Torsten
Shoshana's (Eva's) twin brother
Jetham Wilhelmson
A royal palace guard


Dolphin visionary behind the Whale Project
Architect, Teacher, Guide, Curmudgeon, Memory, Physician, Keeper
Other dolphins on the Whale Project


Sol(ange) Velk
Meddler. Horseman in the Highguard tourney.

New Light


Oliver Fontenot
Eva's minion, an actor. Officiant for the "wedding"
Liam Fairchild
The policeman who framed Vance, and had the yin/yang data disk in his desk. Location unknown.
Roger Lang
Traitorous Hegemonic Guard. (See Max's investigation) Protected by a "spiral with teeth" psi shield. Currently comatose.
Gabriel von Torsten
Eva's brother, with a moderately high position in the Blue Hegemony's intelligence service.
Jeria Mitenbach
Memento Mori grad student, "rescued" from Sundown
Madame Strellisima
Fortune teller and White addict who warned Martan he would be eaten by a monster.
Modesto Thorade
Amnesiac cabalist from the Brotherhood of the Word, who intended to kill Janzur to keep him from "striking the Stone"
Marlin Orodyne
Head of the Brotherhood of the Word
Valene Callano
Member of the Brotherhood of the Word
Tiercel Rensuli
Martial artist and Member of the Brotherhood of the Word
Vocari Desimas
Vocari of the Church of the Judgment of the Hegemon
Lord Valris
Dupe of Dr. Cain, tried to get Eva's blood. Now dead.
George, or Jay Callahan
Reporter for the Light of EnQuiry.
Bernard Wing
Leader of the Fundamental Realists
Blake Amon
Millionare and adventure hero, in the Fundamental Realists
Lila Almaguer
Ninja in the Fundamental Realists
Bill Morton
IPX employee
Tanner Hausman
Author, including of Elmer TRICONIAN's most recent biography
the Illuminated Davon Cirnan
Starwayist preacher
New Light Cabinet
(with descriptions)
Vance Wade
Sharra's nephew. Framed for the murder of George Bartlett; now resolved. Sharra and her "team" are his heroes. Now stationed in the Blue navy.


Dante Giabelli
Museum director of the Pierpont Collection

Blue Research Team

Dr. Alia Fell
Team leader
Dr. Xydopochnat Nehta
Theoretical physicist uninterested in anything non-physics. Now deceased; left the omnihedron to Sophia.
Dr. Cambridge Euler
Hegemonic Technology expert
Dr. Miriam Blumberg
Data analyst (actually spy)
Dr. Niels
Non-genius protege of Dr. Nehta.


An acquaintance of Ace's, hiding out on Nonesuch


Commander Branchicaratoorani,
Commander of the Second Brochoah Construction Battalion
Dr. Asimov Smith
Archaeologist investigating the Brochoah
Jerry Winchel
Dr. Smith's post-doc
Jeff McDonald
Dr. Smith's grad student
Mitch Michaels
Dr. Smith's grad student
Harmony Lassidar
Dr. Smith's undergraduate


Dariya Nadezhdava
Sixteenth Farseer of Pierogi; sent the outworlders off to the Ogral. Died in last days of Pierogi.
Wolfe Sinclair
Head of the Pierogi survey mission
The Mad Loa
Powerful and wants avenging.


In the Red Hegemony

Shaddam Marchant II
The One True Hegemon. Charming, inclined to listen to but not obey advisors, very sharp. Possibly mind-controlled.
Viktor Marchant
The Heir Presumptive, age thirteen. Smart, and not without pride.
Gareth venDolian
The head of the Elite Guards. He carries an actual plasma brand in addition to the needler pistol (and who knows what else). He took the ``accident'' which killed the two other Marchants very personally, and his main failing is a lack of a sense of humor.
Mira Lockhart
Chief of Staff of the Crystal Palace. Fiftiesh and projects an aura of ``cranky and put-upon'' that will fool someone meeting her for the first time.
Admiral Achilles Spencer
Fleet Admiral of the StarGuard. Trusts nothing without proof.
Captain Ierga Tomlinson
Chief of the Historical section of the Starguard
Lt. Commander Enrico Duarte
Shamus, Artemus, and Remus
Three uplifted mice, apparently intelligence analysts
Garan Hans
The guardian for Shamus, Artemus, and Remus
Jacques, Lord SanCostille
Minister of Diplomatic Relations, and Wilson's father in law.


Armand deGaulle
The Hegemon's best friend
Fortinbras Aeribach
A popular holographic artist with an overdramatic personality.
Genilenne Grier
Popular singer. A long-time flirtation of the Hegemon who is not considered politically useful enough to marry.
Camille Morgan
Respected author. Wrote the first authorized biography of the Blue Hegemon, Rein in Lightning, and an authorized biography of the Red Hegemon, Hierophant.
Leonid Stace
A celebrity. Believed to be the psionic responsible for the Red Hegemon's bad case of mind-control crush. Now catatonic.
Penelope Wilson
Wilson's wife
Hedley Damato
Psycho stalking Penelope
Anatasia Klothallad
Eligible young woman from Gateway at the Quadrillion
Fidelity Montrose
Eligible young woman from Gloryweb at the Quadrillion
Gemma Glauss
Eligible young woman from Nurl at the Quadrillion
Jennett Tyrell
Eligible young woman from Tinara at the Quadrillion. The Hegemon appears to have been psychically influenced to be interested in her. Fairly strong patriotic anti-Blue tendencies. Moved back home to Tinara after the mess.
Beatriz di Nula
Eligible young woman from Haigan at the Quadrillion
Victoria Holtz
Eligible young woman from Stannis Law at the Quadrillion
Nelson Partlow
A Zach Staughton aficionado, bartender at the Red Rider in Piriksburg
Brother Bheed
Head of the Juridicist schism now loyal to Jayla
Nathan MacSullivan
Chief trustee of the MacSullivan Foundation
Dr. Midian Kandemeer
Archaeologist investigating the dissolution of the Tarn Alliance
Dr. Lissa Van Trent
Memento Mori archaeologist investigating atomic computing devices
the Ghost
Master thief
Will Amberdey
Meteorologist at the weather tower in the Maulkine Islands
Dr. Dara Trivedi
Head of the Hegemonator project under Dr. Cain
psi on the Hegemonator project
Noel Jaspan
Psionic Engineer on the Hegemonator project

Rupert's Hole

A nice young woman who works on the plasma cannon
The (sort of) lead engineer on the project cannon.
Boss Man
The guy who runs FirstTown
Proprietor of an inn in FirstTown
Dargar Thomson
A gith hunter now living in Camara Peaks


Cormac Flannigan
Warlord of Blackwinter Mountain
One of Cormac's men
Journeyman Skald
Journeyman Skald. Rival of Gararmot's.
Thibault Achilles
Swordsman, won the Highguard tournament
Joraj a'Mountain
Staff fighter, won the Highguard tournament
The Great Omphalos Dust Wyrm
Last seen near Sparta

Stannis' Law

Lord Stannis
Ruler of Stannis Law.
Bennett Wilkinson
Framed Maury for the murder of his captain after a botched attempt to acquire the Pirate's Key. Currently in jail on Stannis' Law.
Garad Sykes
Maury's other ex-crewmate from the Desire's Heart. Currently in litigation to acquire title to the ship.
Andrej Kestrel
Katya's helpful brother.
Forest Valor
Katya's brother who was executed by Lord Stannis for atempted assassination.
Ryan Morningside
ShockRite Advertising executive, and in charge of the publicity surrounding the Sparky Cola Challenge. Doesn't like Jim, apparently.
Caroline McCracken
Runner-up in the Sparky Cola Challenge
Geoffrey Oxford
Someone apparently important in Lord Stannis' Court, or possibly affiliated with Sparky Cola. It's not clear. Okay, now you know he's a Phoenix Scout and a spymaster for Stannis. But he's missing. But he's back!
Sparky Cola cameraman
Ray Price
Blue spy, now dead
Darla Meyers
Red spy, exchanging info with Ray Price
Kenton Lynch
CEO of Sparky Cola


Dr. Bowman
Head of an archaeological expedition on the island where Dr. Symphony-Hayes was working before being picked up by Janzur.


Alber Crighton
Archaeologist from Memento Mori, investigating the hospital in Sanmarin. No friend of Dr. Kye's.
Natalie Akini
Idealistic protestor at the Memento Mori site.
Richard Livingston
Stock analyst, who RAX0R attempted to murder
Hacker and traverser of the criminal code

Omninet Research Team

Dr. Julian Gallagher
Jumpgate research team leader
Hacker in black leather. Wears his hair in a fire-colored mohawk with optical fiber and wireless antenna.
Dr. Stavros Klein
General science researcher
Scooter Norfolk
Intern and then employee. Exuberant. Discovered the RAX0R plot.
Almeta Aites
Signal Engineer
Grady Hollimon
Pilot, on loan from the Haigan Merchant Fleet

Red Research Team

Dr. Alexander Timeon
Project leader and lord of a Riden family
Dr. Geena Caldwell
Somewhat disaffected physicist
Dr. Wendell Smith
Communications and encryption analyst
Dr. Trinity Calavera
Pattern matcher and psis


Dr. Caliban's chimaeric servant, now leader of the StepChildren
Sabretoothed wolverine chimaera; one of the StepChildren
Coatl chimaera; one of the StepChildren
Maury's mother

Tyrell's Folly

Captain Mason
Local military commander at the front with the Tinoori, in Kobital, Genereis.
Sergeant Milgram
Heavy weapons infantry trainer
Independent Confirmation
Chairman of the Philosophical Guidance Council
Ocean Sunset
Member of the Philosophical Guidance Council; philosopher in charge of Human/Tinoori relations
Cogent Syllogism
Member of the Philosophical Guidance Council; linguistics/logic expert.
Harmonious Choir
Member of the Philosophical Guidance Council; Tinoori psychologist
Overwhelming Tactical Superiority
Anti-human Tinoori soldier, tried to kill Jim
Bloody First Strike
Tinoori soldier; body-swapped by Dr. Cain with Lt. Ackerly.
General Vandermeer
Head of the Human military forces on Tyrell's Folly
Commodore de Gaulle
Commander of the Andrax Task Force (the Red fast attack fleet)


Lord Sandall
Rival of Ruehan's house
The Name of House Dalari
Ruehan's father, head of the House.


Vocari Dyvas Firstjudged, son of Anadis, son of Kyfor
Pilot on the last "Apollo mission" to the Star of Judgment. His heart is bound by the chains of command. Now Commadar of military training.
Patriarch Marchand III
The eighty-year-old Patriarch of the Lost People. O, that he has lived to see this day, that the Sky Guards have returned!
Vocari Selwyn
The Commandar in charge of training for the priests of the Lost People.
Vocari Donaris
The Commandar in charge of doctrine and ceremony for the priests of the Lost People. Secretly the leader of the Cult of the Strategos. Executed by the Patriarch for his heresy.
Grandmother Clara
A sociologist
Grandmother Arabelle
A healer of bodies, spirits, and places
Grandmother Serena
A herbalist and ecologist

the Well

Citizen Madrakand
Employed Victor the Keyman as majordomo, now hunting him
Citizen Trask
Collector, and owner of the Maze of Death
Citizen Antonis and Citizen Claria
Citizen Claria is Max's patron. Citizen Antonis is a media mogul.
Citizen Archibald
Dupe of the "proteges", really Terrans. Now dead, with his head in the possession of the Blue Hegemony.
Jotha Prince
Somewhat shifty tourist guide, now with Victor
Citizen Victor Lazlo
Originally, unwilling head of the Underground on the Well. Smuggled out to remove a cortex bomb by Janzur and Jayla. Now a Citizen.
Pilot and member of the Underground
Coordinator for the Underground. One personality (Dove) of Xanadu
the Matrix
Also one personality (Khan) of Xanadu
the Architect
First Citizen Cremont, now the Well's ruler.
Julian Giambrone
Whiterunner, current possessor of the Dancer
Citizen Ambagis
Historian and collector of documents
Overly pretentious bounty hunter for the Matrix
Kith's lab assistant and test subject in the Chartreuse experiments. Drudge, formerly an acid miner.
Citizen Lamarr
Strangely rabble-rousing populist Citizen. One of the contenders for replacement of the Matrix.
Citizen Julius
The Matrix's right hand man. One of the contenders for replacement of the Matrix.
Commodore DunWarwick
Skyguard really really old guy, in the Kaufman tubes. Now dead.
Darian Scoualt
Son of a Citizen, who bought Jim's scooter at auction

Somewhere or another

The Elmer's Gold

Elmer Triconian
The owner of the Elmer's Gold, rescued by the Dancer
Geff Thalber
Elmer Triconian's herald
Captain Minarian
The captain of the Elmer's Gold
Eon and Ella
The "shield generators" for the Elmer's Gold

the Inopportune Moment

Janina Megaera
Aristotle Brecht
First Mate
Daubert Grimm
Doctor Salvador
Scorpia, Phoenix, Cobra, Razor, Leo
Painted Ladies (Leo is a psi)

the Four in One

Genghis Jones
J. D. Barnabus
Marcy Moreau
Johnny the Voice

Head, or maybe representative, of the Syndicate, a criminal organization in the Outworlds that apparently wants the footstool.
Dr. Cain
Mad scientist from Sundown, released from being committed on New Light in early 2779. Since then, has been on (at least) Tyrell's Folly to swap Tinoori and Human minds, and on Riden to build a Hegemonator.
Dr. Cain's loyal chimaera, paroled from jail on New Light in early 2779.
Girl Scout. Possibly a mortal enemy of Boy Scouts now.
Terran mastermind. Or maybe Janzur killed him. Who knows?
H.G. Wells
Long-ago Earth mad scientist, now in possession of a time machine with a (mostly-used) omnihedron