Cassandra Lyrae's Paintings

Aboard the Hippocrates

Dr. Andrews' (Sophia's) Quarters

Four human sized pods standing in a row. There is a small open window in each pod. Through the first three windows are visible the faces of a slightly pale brown haired woman, a younger dark haired woman, and younger-still dirty blond haired woman. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

(The three women are easily recongized as Jayla, Cassandra, and Katya.)

Chief Engineer's Quarters

The background of this painting contains a great ship hovering in space. Standing before it, seemingly larger than the ship itself, is a stern looking man wearing a Hegemonic SkyGuard uniform. In his left hand he holds a spanner. Over his right shoulder is the ghostly image of a cat-human hybrid holding a spanner in his left hand. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

(The men are recognized as Grimblemaury and George Wentworth, Hippocrates' old chief engineer.)


A portrait of two Tinoori, surrounded by countless faceless humans. The Tinoori appear cornered, trapped, and afraid for their lives. The style is quite realistic, especially in the area of the Tinoori. The painting is signed with a pecular pattern of five stars.

(The Tinoori are recognizable as Moment-before-dawn and Night-blooming-wisteria.)

Aux. Nav. and Sensor Control

A painting of a man looking at a complicated control panel that has displays of planets of many types. None of the planets are recognizable in specific, but seem to be connected by a vast web of luminous lines. A great light emanates from the far corner of the screen, partially engulfing one of the planets. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

(The man is Max.)

Captain's Quarters

A painting of a handsome man in his late forties wearing the uniform of a Captain of the SkyGuard. His chest is adorned with numerous service ribbons and medals. Behind him stands the shadowy but imposing figure of a multiheaded beast with golden scales for skin. The dignified look on his face speaks of duty, honor, and inestimable valor. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

(Hippocrates identifies the man as Captain Bellarion.)

Janzur's Stateroom

A painting of several men: In the foreground are two very similar men in similar Hegemonic uniforms. The older is handing a plasma brand to the younger. Around the pair are arrayed a middle aged man in an archaic, highly ornamented suit, another recognizable as Vissarion Nomarche in his typical regalia, and a third form, difficult to see as it's obscured by red, blue, and green mist. All of them seem to be holding plasma brands as well (as if to give them or having just been given them, not in a combat stance). In the back of the hall, the wall is lined with indistinct men in various Hegemonic uniforms. It is signed with a peculiar arrangement of five stars.

(Most people recognize the two central figures as Janzur (somewhat younger than he is) and Janzur (somewhat older than he is). The older Janzur looks more decorated. )

Max's Stateroom

A comfortable looking, somewhat old-fashioned study, with books, a desk, a desk lamp, and so on. Ranged in a semi-circle are a number of deep, high-backed leather chairs. It's hard to see, the depths of the chairs are somewhat shadowed, but in each of the chairs sits a figure somewhat resembling Max, but much more indistinct. In the central chair, the figure holds his hands together, cupping something glowing and unseen; the light from what he holds illuminates him more than the other figures, but it is entirely impossible to make out who he is. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars

Cassandra's Stateroom

A woman sits, her back to you, looking in a mirror and drawing a portrait. The ``real'' woman's face in the mirror is pale and skeletal from illness, and her hands bony. She wears a robe (much like Cassandra's shift), with a faded circle of green and blue, over which are five stars in a peculiar pattern. She holds a palette with only red, green, and blue on it. In the painting she draws, a strong and tall Cassandra, dressed in the hyperstatic float-enabled dress paints on yet another canvas; the crew is before her, posing, and she paints something in bright primary colors. Tacked up about the edge of the large canvas are sketches and pictures matching some of her other paintings. (See the Rockwell self-portrait for the approximate setup).

Crew Recreation

A painting of a set of scattered tables. At the closest, a young man in a SkyGuard uniform sits across from a young woman in a white lab coat, a complicated game of webs and small black stones. There is a timer on the table, and a man in a more ornate SkyGuard uniform stands with his hand upon it. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

(The men playing the game are identified by Hippocrate's as original crew members. The man at the timer is identified by Hippocrates and Janzur as the last Strategos.)

A somewhat surreal cityscape, with buildings tilted haphazardly left and right. In the center is a plaza, flat and stable. Standing in the center is a group of figures. On one side is a tall man, in a business suit and a blue stole. On the other side is a stockier bearded man wearing a gold circlet, who holds out a circular seal to the taller man; to his left is a man in a the uniform of the Elite, kneeling to lay down his plasma brand; to his right is a big green gem.

(The Elite appears to be Janzur. The man in the blue stole is identified by Eva to be Artemis Melcamot, the first blue Hegemon.)

Main Computer Core

A matte black cube, on which glow a host of tiny white lights, some larger, some smaller, some nearly too tiny to see in an increasingly complex design. In the shadow of the cube are a matching cube, one-third its size, glossy white with glowing blue lights in an even more complex pattern, and a transparent cube one-third the size of the white cube, with multicolored flecks in a pattern too complicated to quite grasp. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

Anya's Stateroom

Anya, standing at parade rest against a background of pastoral field with starry sky above. She's wearing something that (from the sleeves and pants) could be a uniform similar to Janzur's; over that is a tabard with the Farseer's Eye, and over that is a gold sash with a thin stripe of red/green/blue up the middle. Additionally, she has some little gold insignia on her collar. One hand holds a long pole resembling an elongated hilt of a plasma brand; it's planted firmly before her.

(The pole is identified by Janzur as a plasma halberd.)

Martan's stateroom, not visibly displayed

Martan stands in darkness, arms braced against unseen walls. Behind him, somewhat indistinct, are some in the Hippocrates uniform. His face is pinched with strain, and his hair has more grey in it than he now has, but he maintains. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

Katya's stateroom

A young woman, like Katya but maybe a little older. She stands, enveloped in green flames - they may be from around her, or emanating from her. Her arms are outstretched and lowered - one hand is in the center of a complicated tracery of glowing red lines, and in the other, faint blue lightnings stretch away to the edges of the painting like gossamer spiderwebs. It is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

Tinoori stateroom

A view from high in the Tyrell's Folly spaceport, looking out over the spaceport and then over the rounded buildings of the Tinoori city. The perspective is skewed so that everything is the same size and does not diminish in the distance. There are generic Tinoori in the city, but they are flattened underneath some sort of heavy blanket which lies (somewhat transparently) over the city, and is also seen to be the cloak of a somewhat heavyset, grey-haired man in the foreground. In the near corner in the spaceport sits the Hippocrates, with a figure in a Boy Scout uniform emerging from it. At the very back of the painting, a Tinoori who looks like an adult First Frost of Autumn is standing on top of the blanket, beginning to draw on it. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

Ruehan's stateroom

A painting of Ruehan, in an old-fashioned study, standing by a carved wooden table, his hand on a stack of papers. He smiles easily and is the picture of elegance. Unrolled on the table is a map of the Outworlds. The painting is signed with a familiar pattern of five stars.

with Str of Mind with Per of 4 or more:
Beneath the skin and smile of Ruehan's face, you can see dark shadows hollowing his eyes, and empty space beneath his cheekbones. At first glimpse, he is smiling and charming - at closer look, the skull is there, just beneath.

with Str of Psi with psi theory of 4 or more:
Throughout the painting, there are little jogs in the color, subtle shifts. It takes a minute to put them together into lines - not lines of ink or strokes of color themselves, but just a movement of the colors behind, as if they outline an invisible shape. The shape is slightly larger than Ruehan's figure, but has many longer trailing fronds or tentacles that extend outwards, only to be caught and dragged downwards by heavy chains.

in Ruehan's stateroom

A painting of Lord Stannis seated in his Court of Judgement. He is dressed in a suit, but the shadows fall upon it to suggest the folds of a toga. A naked sword lies across his knees, but his smile is warm and generous. The painting is signed with a sigil of five stars.


A painting of Akito, Ciernan, Mirris, Kith, Hippocrates, Katya, and Murdoch fighting against a group of men in white. In the background, an easel has fallen to the ground. On the fallen easel is a painting - in fact, a painting of the party fighting men in white, with a fallen easel, bearing yet another painting, smaller and smaller all the way down. Crouched in front of the easel is Mirris, holding up a yin/yang amulet with an angry expression. The painting is signed with a familiar pattern of five stars.


A dark canvas, washed with the faint gold and luminous grey of the Omphalos Dust Cloud. In the center is the Bastion gas giant, seen about half-full and lit from the side; the individual moons are each seen to the side or larger and closer to the viewer. Overlaid on top of the fairly realistic-looking planetary cloud patterns are translucent colored shells, like gems, and these gems trail clouds of curved sparkles along the paths of their orbits, giving everything a visual suggestion of marbles rolling around circular grooves in space. Bastion itself is a large deep forest green marble; the moons are also marbles in gem tones varying from maroon to a deep teal.


A landscape, all in golds and whites. Golden sand lies like a soft blanket, and crystals are tumbled about like discarded toys. There is a spiral ramp, curving around and up, becoming insubstantial the higher it goes. Long seven-palped footprints blaze in golden fire, going up and up around the ramp, and continuing on into the air even after the ramp has faded away. The painting is signed with a sigil of five stars.


On Crux

A large ornate chamber. On the central dias is a man-sized ruby emanating light. To the left of the ruby, is a tall well built man in an ornate uniform. Around the chamber, in each seats, rests a world. Each world is different. One seat is empty. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

(Janzur is the man in uniform. The planets in chairs are the outworlds, save Pierogi.)

Klothos' Collection

A painting of a large tiger stalking through the dense lush greenscape of a tropical jungle. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

(The tiger looks a lot like Xanthippe's tiger, Padira)

On the Bellarion, the Red Hegemony flagship

A painting of a striking woman in her mid-forties wearing the uniform of a Commander of the SkyGuard. She wears numerous service ribbons and medals. Behind her is the shadowy but imposing figure of a multiheaded beast with red-gold scales. Her eyes are clear and piercing, and her chin is raised slightly, in pride and resolve. The painting is ``signed'' with a peculiar pattern of five stars.

On Stannis' Law (Consignment Auction)

A painting of an idyllic landscape of mountains and ski slopes covered with frolicking tourists. All is overseen by the watchful gaze of Lord Stannis ensconced in the clouds. It is "signed" by a peculiar pattern of five stars.

On Highguard, at the von Torsten estates

The brushwork is much smudgier and indistinct than in any of Cassandra's other paintings. A green area, possibly a field or lawn, is flanked by what might be mountains, or particularly tilty buildings. Standing in the foreground are two figures. One, possibly male, holds out one hand to the other. There may be a small object in it, or perhaps not. The other, possibly female, turns away, one arm raised in a gesture of rejection. The painting is "signed" with a light smudge.

On Vircus

A smoky, barren-looking landscape. The sun is a dim reddish glow through the haze, and the few plants look scraggly and beaten. High overhead is a single gleaming star, which pierces through the haze unblemished. Off to the left, a column of people marches from the foreground into the dim haze of the faraway; only their backs are visible, but the nearer ones seem to be uniformed, the farther away ones a bit more ragged. Along the right side of the painting, a column of people approaches the foreground - the column is thinner, but the people stand proudly, chins up and eyes fierce. The front four people of the oncoming column seem burnished, almost glowing, and wear black sashes with red, green, and blue stripes, each marked with a golden circle-and-stars.

Wedding Gift to Citizens Antonis and Claria on the Well

A man and a woman sit in a well-accoutred room, dressed in wedding finery. Their hair is white and their faces are wrinkled, but their eyes are still alert and young. Their hands touch, between them. In the man's other hand he holds a clear crystal sphere, while she holds up her other hand in a halting gesture, as if to ward off something outside the picture.

On the Well, with the Architect

A landscape, with a central high mountain. A grand white set of buildings is perched atop the mountain, like Olympus or the Parthenon; below that there are smaller buildings, both in grandeur and in perspective, scattered about a green sward. Below, in the foothills of the mountain, are thousands of tiny buildings which lend a brownish tint to the the meadowy green. It is signed with a peculiar pattern of five stars.