Through a Mirror, Darkly

"Every rose has its thorn - but a thorn with no blossom is but a briar."

-- Yves Rochele, Heidelmere Court Gardener, AS 2340

The Well -> Riden -> Highguard

The crew starts making plans to transport the prisoners to Red. Twenty people is a bit of a squeeze, and most of the rooms aren't set up to automatically feed people or pass meals through the door. Well, perhaps they don't have to eat. Sharra thinks that feeding your prisoners is part of the Geneva-Convention-of-the-future, and really ought to be done.

The prisoners are divided between the brig (the most dangerous four), the recreation facility, the conference room, and the officers' mess. The five who weren't criminals to start with are put in the conference room; the one with the leadership shticks is separated out and put in the recently vacated stateroom that Talia was in. The Smeerps are paired up and set to guard various doors, and meals are delivered by no fewer than five people at a time.

As the Hippocrates passes through the Juice system, the prisoners stage a jailbreak. The Smeerps guarding the officers' mess are knocked out, and the prisoners flood out, as the group in the rec facility tries to overpower the group delivering lunch.

Ciernan dashes for the combat, instructing Sharra to hold the door to the rec room, as Katya TK-grabs two of the already-escaped prisoners. Unfortunately for the prisoners in the rec room, Sharra can relock the door about as fast as they can pick it.

Jim dashes for the combat as well, leaving Dylanna to fly the ship. He sets out his tactical plan: "Immobilize, separate, knock unconscious. Do not kill."

"That's less of a plan and more of a moral directive." -Sharra
Several people thump Ciernan, while Jim neural disrupts them and Katya grabs them, while Ciernan sets up a defensive whirlwind (also pinning Jim in the hall). Back at the rec room, Sharra starts wiring the door into direct current, to zap anyone who tries to pick the lock.

The leader gets out of his stateroom, to encounter three lovely women in the hall near him.

"Three babes. One for me, one for Kye, and one for the bad guys." -Ciernan
"Hey!" -Sharra "Get your own!" -Kye
Sharra's electro-zapper keeps zapping the prisoners in the rec room, while Kye's women convince one of the less clever escapees that there's a fun party in the airlock.
"They're getting a shopping spree for this." -Kye
The rec room prisoners finally get the door open; one is zapped, two are webspit by the Tinoori, and the last three rush the door. Back in the other combat, the 'leader' prisoner tries to chop Jim, but he's at a great disadvantage due to the lack of nearby minions.

"Wait, I don't want to be in the airlock. This is not as fun as you promised." -escaping prisoner
At this point, most of the escapees have been neural disrupted, grabbed, or plasma-brand chopped by Osric (or a combination of several). The leader fails to disarm Jim's neural disruptor, and then declares "You have won this round," and starts to head back to his stateroom. Astonishingly, Dr. Kye doesn't shoot him in the back, denying his team useful "rage points."

Meanwhile, Ciernan is sending lightning bolts down the gravlift to hit the rec room prisoners.

"Our electrical systems were done by the lowest bidder." -Dr. Kye
Eventually, the beaten-up prisoners are all put back into their storage rooms, some in worse shape than others, though Jim patches up those who have been severely plasma-branded. A quick investigation suggests that they came up with their plan while they were all together being cured.

The Hippocrates finally makes it to Riden without further incident. They hail the Red fleet, and arrange a prisoner transfer, with lots of warnings about them being dangerous. Jim tries to suggest that a joint tribunal would be nice, but doesn't really end up talking to anyone with the authority to Make It So, before the ship gets a request from a low-ranking lieutenant to dock with the Hippocrates in order to present some briefing materials.

Everyone finds this very suspicious, and Ciernan says that while the lieutenant's credentials check out, they're standard undercover military. The lieutenant comes aboard, and it's Viktor (and two Elite: Flora and Julian).

"Are you... undercover?" -Jim
"Yup." -Viktor
"This way, Lieutenant." -Ciernan
Viktor gets shown to... er... to the crew's mess, as the conference room has been used to store prisoners for the past several days. Anyhow, he's interested in a favor. He'd like to be smuggled into Blue space and onto Highguard, to meet the King.

Katya looks question marks, and he explains (somewhat non-explanatorily) "It's about what you expect." Jim immediately begins to contemplate how to sneakily get him to New Light after that, and everyone wonders what his tux and ring size are. Well, perhaps that's a little premature just yet. Twig notes that Evensong Castle is good at smuggling things and people in, as it has no export controls.

Jim talks to Viktor a little about the joint tribunal thing - Viktor does want to know about how the whole Acheron thing went, especially regarding whether or not it really turned out that Acheron was evil. People aren't totally sure if Acheron was evil or not - there was apparently some talking about the eating of AI souls, and he was happy to shoot people who were trying to take him down, but then, so is the party.

Anyway, Viktor is curious about this because Omninet is getting close to building an AI for the Starguard, and he's interested in knowing about the possible pitfalls. He's met Nero already. People brief him on Skynet, Icarus, and $NAME, and suggest that he talk to Hippocrates.

The Hippocrates proceeds to Highguard, and sneaks down to Evensong Castle. The ivy that climbs the walls is all black and blighted. Ciernan spends a while healing it, again making short work of Twig's disads. Twig is careful to point out where his boundary line is - beyond this, tech is illegal. Not that he objects to smuggling anyone or anything out, but he wants to make it clear.

People wonder whether Twig would be able to set up a meeting with the King of Highguard. Has he talked to him? Yes, once. Would he able to get him to visit in Evensong Castle? Twig thinks that would be extremely awkward to ask that, given that it's nearly two weeks' travel.

People tour the castle, including the crypts. Yup, there sure are buried people there. There's a crypt for Arista. Katya attempts to contact familiar mind on Arista, and thinks maybe she can sense something, that seems to feel sorry for her and Martya.

So, what is it exactly that Viktor wants to discuss with the King of Highguard? Well, he technically decides the Blue succession, yes? Hmm. The party briefs Viktor on the doorbell. Also, King Maximilian is the second biggest political figure in Blue, with a strong sense of tradition, the way Red has. So perhaps there are things they have in common that they could discuss. However, he doesn't want it bandied about that he's here, and really, he'd prefer that Donella didn't find out. The party provides him with a false mustache that he can wear so no one will recognize him.

Katya and Jim ponder recruiting scouts from Highguard. They wouldn't be able to use the real manuals, because those are tech. Except in the spaceport. On the other hand, paper manuals could work. The Smeerps have paper manuals, though they're clearly a little odd - the badge requirements for Sparky Cola and Damsel Saving merit badges are non-canonical.

Since the party has been talking to Blue ministers about Unification, it can't be too much of a surprise if they try to talk to the King about it. So maybe that's the plan. That would keep the actual topic fairly close to the advertised topic, at least.

Jim flies the Hippocrates from Evensong to the actual spaceport. As he lands, he hears Dylanna, working at a bridge console, say "Good job." When Jim says "Thanks," Dylanna looks puzzled. Thanks for what? Didn't she say "Good job"? No, she didn't, though she says it was a nice landing. Well, that's very odd, though no one knows what to make of it.

Katya puts up Presence and scans around the ship, comparing to the radio display. She doesn't spot any unauthorized presences on board. Ciernan wonders if Jim's psi is finally developing, but Jim doesn't think this is likely. Ciernan thinks he should practice just in case.

Viktor and Kye wait on the ship while Ciernan, Jim, Katya, and Sharra head to the capital and the palace, to try and get an audience with the King. Deirdre demonstrates that in addition to a plasma brand, she has a permit signed by Donella that should technically allow her to bring any personal weapon anywhere she wants. She doesn't try to bring in anything other than the plasma brand, though.

They head into the unnanounced-receiving-area of the King's seat, and Sharra introduces herself. Ah, are they here for the funeral? Sharra boggles a little. The funeral of the Duchess von Torsten, who died a week ago (of complications from a lifelong malady). Cassandra, Sharra, and Katya were all sent announcements, but they have apparently not arrived. The funeral will be at the von Torsten estates in the country, tomorrow.

Kye's girls declare that they are Bored. He promises that he'll take them around the city in the morning.

"Tonight, a vial of affection." -Dr. Kye
"That was *their* plan." -Mike
"Aieeee!" -Jim
Sharra makes a mental note to add some soundproofing around Dr. Kye's room, when she gets back to the ship.

Ciernan, Jim, and Sharra wander about the capital for a bit. It's Winterfair! Ciernan, noticing the cold, surrounds himself with a pocket of warm air, melting snow into slush. There's a traditional Winterfair tournament coming up, and rumor has it that the competition will be fierce because the King won't be participating, as he's in mourning.

People split up to listen for rumors around the city. Katya window shops and pokes around in the local bookstores. Ciernan heads for a tavern, and buys some people drinks. While he's in there, a guy comes in, spots Ciernan, and turns around and leaves again. Ciernan doesn't turn in time to note anything but the floppy hat. When he heads out to look for the guy, there's nothing but some tracks in the snow - the guy seems to have come from a shop across the street, gone into the tavern, and then run down an alley to another street (where the tracks peter out).

Ciernan heads into the store the guy came out of - it sells women's foundation garments. Ciernan says that he's looking for a present for a friend of his, which makes the shopkeep somewhat relieved. Why, what else might Ciernan have wanted? Well, some people try to get information on people who buy things... this is somewhat puzzling to the party. A very bad spy/detective is skulking around?

Ciernan mollifies the shopkeep by purchasing a nice undergarment, describing Sharra as his friend.

"*What*? -3 morality! Area effect!" -Jim
The shopkeep says that there's only so much she can do without a proper fitting, but if any alterations are needed, they can do them.

Ciernan rounds the party up with a couple of stalking birds (there being no neutrino radios). He gives Sharra her present (wrapped), and briefs everyone on the mysterious womens-clothing-store spy. Nobody can think who that seems likely to be - Gabriel sometimes skulks around in a floppy hat, but he wouldn't be fleeing from Ciernan.

Everyone heads back to the ship. Sharra opens her Winterfair present and is flabbergasted.

Twig points out that smuggling Dr. Kye into the city will be easier done at night. However, his room has a do-not-disturb sign on it. Ciernan calls him via the intercom to let him know that if he wants to get out of the spaceport, that should happen tonight. A few hours later, Kye calls back, a little distracted. Twig is more familiar with how these things work - the basic idea is to sell it to the customs people as Kye wanting to get in without leaving a customs trail. Smuggling a person in is easier than smuggling a bunch of tech in. So just don't mention the stuff in Kye's head, and he'll be fine. Twig handles the bribe because he's out of practice for this sort of thing and wants to keep his hand in.

Viktor gets told about the funeral - it will probably be a good time to speak briefly to the King to set up a later meeting. He has some fake ID he can use to get through customs, and his Elite can go with Katya instead of the nobody he's pretending to be.

The next morning everyone else heads into the city. As they're leaving, Ciernan and Sharra notice some tracks in the snow, which circle the ship and leave again. Oddly, they don't seem to match the tracks of the guy Ciernan noticed yesterday. Well, maybe it's Memento Mori? You might look for Dr. Kye in an underwear store. But why would they bother having someone flee from Ciernan?

Everyone dresses for the funeral, somberly and generally appropriately. Lily, Dahlia, and Jasmine are converted to appropriately dressed with the use of black shawls. They comment that they've never been to a funeral before, which Ciernan finds utterly baffling (perhaps Skalds go to lots of funerals...)

The funeral is large, with tenants from the von Torsten lands, and various important people, as well as friends and family. The Hippocrates crew ends up in the second tier, of people who actually knew Duchess von Torsten; in front of them is family, including Gabriel, Nikolas, Dominic, Duke von Torsten, and the King. King Maximilian reads a letter sent by Hegemon Donella.

While the letter is being read, several people notice that Nikolas is looking towards the back of the crowd, puzzled. Kye spots who he's looking at, but discovers that nobody actually has a radio so he can't tell anyone secretly. He tries to stealthily make the silent bodyspeak sign for "Danger!" which everyone can interpret except for Sharra.

Katya fills in for the radios, reads his mind, and passes it along. Nikolas saw someone disguised, looking a bit like Shoshana. Ciernan decides she's too dangerous for him to try to figure anything out about, because she can use his spy-fu against him. Katya tries to read the woman's mind, and gets that she thinks Nikolas appears quite sad.

The Duke speaks briefly, and then a deacon (a sort of light Juridicist) gives a homily. Katya, still scanning the woman's mind, thinks that her mental intrusion has been noticed: "Damnit, he's not supposed to have psi powers!" and then a set of mental shields slam down. Katya pases along that the woman saw a guy in the crowd, which caused her to flee. Ciernan speculates that this is the guy in the hat. Nobody can spot him, though, as exactly where the woman was looking isn't clear. Nikolas again looks towards the back, standing up this time.

Ciernan tries to send a bird after the woman, and Jim is about to run off as well. That will be fairly gauche, though, until Katya jostles Martya until she starts making noise. Then her little group withdraws apologetically, without accruing any gauche points. Nikolas sits back down, still looking puzzled. Ciernan tries to eavesdrop on him, but he's not saying anything to anyone.

Ciernan's bird loses the woman in the nearby forest. Jim starts trying to sneak after her, while Katya lurks around looking for the man. Jim manages to track the woman to a stream, but can't figure out if she went up or downstream.

It has been raining steadily throughout the funeral; Ciernan holds down "stroke of luck" to try and get a providential lightning flash. In one flash, he locks eyes with a guy in a bushy mustache and a floppy hat, who immediately starts to leave. Trying hard to recognize the face under the mustache, Ciernan finally decides that it might be an oddly sneaking sort of Dr. Cain. Isn't he usually the sort to be leaping up on the dais?

"Hm. He grew himself an Eva and she escaped." -Ciernan
Katya starts heading around the back of the crowd, looking for possibly-Dr.-Cain. By the time she reaches the stables, though, he's already gotten his horse and gone. The funeral ceremony concludes, and the procession by the coffin begins. The family goes first, followed by friends and acquaintances, and then tenants. Family and friends will be heading into the manor house, which Sharra and Ciernan, plus Viktor, get in line to do.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kye heads for the stables to pursue the fleeing Dr. Cain, sending his girls to the manor house with Ciernan and Sharra.

Though neither Dr. Cain nor Dr. Kye can ride at all, Kye has more dexterity (plus a lot more fortune) and does eventually catch up.

"Haillo, my goot man. How are joo on this fine rainee day?" -Dr. Cain, with a funny accent
"Get off the horse. Let's talk." -Dr. Kye
"Ah. Yes. Let us talk."
Katya decides maybe sending Dr. Kye alone after the eerily convincing person wasn't a good idea, and starts reading his mind, and Jim heads off after the pair, on his horse, though it'll take him a while to catch up.

Kye and Cain discuss matters. Cain explains that he doesn't want any trouble. Kye agrees that trouble would be unfortunate. He does however, insist on an explanation. A brief round of negotiation commences and Kye mostly wins. The story appears to be as follows: Back when he saved the world yet again at the Tinara fiasco, Dr. Cain obtained a DNA sample from Mirror-Eva. He took it to his lab on Stannis' Law, added special genes for vast psi powers that he obtained elsewhere, and cloned himself up a super powerful Eva. It was then that he realized he was the victim of betrayal, as the crazy blond woman he ended up with wasn't anything like his Eva at all. She destroyed his lab and escaped. He tracked her here... Hilarity ensues.

Kye and Cain cut a deal. Kye and the party will get the blond woman. Cain will, without causing her any harm at all, extract the super-psi DNA from her, and then he'll leave them all alone. (Until he, at some future point, invades the ship looking for actual-Eva DNA, but we needn't worry about that now.)

Back at the manor, people get through the receiving line and give their condolences. It does sound as if the Duchess's death was not a great surprise, as her health had been declining. (So it's probably not a murder mystery, people think with relief).

Sharra draws King Maximilian aside for a moment and tells him who Viktor is, and that he would like a meeting. The King keeps a good (and kingly) straight face, and suggests that she drop by in a few days to discuss the matter.

As all the important conversations have happened, Katya starts herding everyone towards her, and briefs them on Kye's conversation:

Kye and Cain exchanging speech bubbles, shaking hands.
A blonde woman.
Dr. Cain pokes her with a syringe, and then hands her back to Dr Kye.
A complicated speech bubble.
A test tube with DNA, Eva with a black hat, looking in a mirror.
Cain with a thought bubble, Shoshana, an equals sign crossed out, Eva.
The test tube with DNA, Eva crossed out. Dr. Cain looking confused.
Dr. Cain looks at the blond woman, throws his up hands in disgust.
Jim and Kye on horses, heading to manor.
When Jim and Kye get back, they explain in more detail.

Still, if she has no memories (Cain said he didn't bother with the memory implantation since he got the wrong woman), this is a very suspicious place for her to show up. And Katya points out that she knew Nikolas's name. Katya thinks this is something that Gabriel and Nikolas should be told; Kye thinks maybe they should try to find neo-Shoshana first? Katya lets Gabriel know that they should talk, and gets an invitation to return tomorrow.

Katya tries to "contact familiar mind" on neo-Shoshana, and gets a vague sense that there's someone nearby, but receding. She sends an image of an olive branch, and gets the sense that someone is paging through an index of Katya's memories. Katya tries to read neo-Shoshana's mind, shields slam up again and the connection drops.

Ciernan gets details from the von Torsten retainers - come back tomorrow in the late morning. He asks what's off that direction, ten or fifteen miles (the direction Katya sensed neo-Shoshana)? The von Torsten lands extend off in that direction. Katya introduces Martya to people. Then, it's back to the city, to come back tomorrow. As Lily, Dahlia, and Jasmine are very sad at the idea of someone nice having died, Dr. Kye takes them shopping to cheer them up.

"Oh, Voory, you know just what to do."
"They used his first name! I thought that was just decorative." -Andrea
"They are pretty much decorative." -Mike
Katya tries again to scan for neo-Shoshana; she gets that she's in about the same location. She receives an image: the sun goes down, then comes back up. Then neo-Shoshana's shields slam back up.

Katya and Jim wander around the city looking for weapon shops. One bladeseller is having a pre-tournament sale - can he interest Jim in a black iron blade? Oh, or if it's for the lady, perhaps white iron? They can put her crest in the pommel. Jim tries to ask about how black iron is made, but the smith says it's a family secret. It doesn't seem to be something Jim can just deduce from first principles and a lot of skill in bladed weapons, so perhaps it's actually a trade secret and not just a trick for tourists.

Jim browses the halberds (two hexes of reach!) but eventually the two of them leave without buying anything. Kye's women find Ciernan's favorite underwear store and buy lots of corsets.

Kye checks in with the ship. Linnet and Ruthie report that there was something flashing a light at them, and it seemed to be in a sort of code. They're working on a Cryptography patch, so they figured out what it said: that Dr. Cain was staying at a particular inn, so that if they caught her they could find him. Once they figured out the message, they put the ship in lockdown mode, so Dr. Cain couldn't sneak on board.

Everyone stays overnight in the city, so as to avoid having to sneak Dr. Kye in and out of the starport.

The next morning, the group heads back to the manor to talk to Nikolas and Gabriel. Kayta sends a picture of neo-Shoshana to Nikolas - he wants to know who she is. The others explain that she's "Cain's clone of another universe's Eva." Ah. That wasn't Nikolas's first guess. Gabriel declares "I'm going to have him killed."

Nikolas, given the general distance and direction, has an idea where she might have gone. He seems perfectly willing to head out there by himself, but nobody else is keen on letting him. Gabriel, on the other hand, wants to go after Cain. However, he's talked into waiting until after the trip to talk to neo-Shoshana, just in case more backup is needed, and he directs some people to watch the inn where Cain is staying.

"She could be starving..." -Ciernan, thinking about 'doof' issues.
"I'll pack a lunch." -Nikolas
Everyone proceeds most of the way to the caves Nikolas says that they explored as children; then only Nikolas, Katya and Deirdre approach the final bit. Nikolas leads the way into the cave.

Katya tries to locate neo-Shoshana, and sends, again, "olive branch, telephone." She receives "two people, exchanging word bubbles, telephone X'ed out." Katya sends back "Katya and Nikolas", forgetting Deirdre.

Conversation is a bit difficult, as Nikolas doesn't seem inclined to interrogate neo-Shoshana too hard, and Katya is limited to pictures. Nikolas explains that the others think that Dr. Cain cloned her from a copy of his sister from the dimension of invaders. Apparently, Dr. Cain chased her here from Stannis Law, after she blew up his lab and took off.

She says she knows who Nikolas is, but who are all these other people? Katya says "Katya hugging Shoshana." Neo-Shoshana is dubious, and riffles through Katya's index again. There's not much "Shoshana" there, since Katya mostly thinks of her as Eva. Why are they here? Katya says they travel all over.

Neo-Shoshana says she mostly wants Cain taken care of so he'll leave her alone. Or she could do it herself if the party doesn't want to. Nikolas thinks her killing him is a bad way to start her new life. Well, she concedes, just getting him off planet would be fine.

Ciernan notes that if they send him a message saying "Hah, we have her!" and take off, he'd definitely chase them.

Katya is still suspicious. Why does she remember Nikolas, but not the Hippocrates? She started at the beginning, and came back to the place she was born. Well, how did she know what that was? She lists a couple of reasons (like being blonde) that caused her to conclude she was from Highguard, though Katya thinks they're clearly insufficient. Well, Eva could do amazing leaps of deduction, too.

Neo-Shoshana suggests that the crew go back to the ship, and let her talk to Nikolas. Katya suggests that there might be bombs in her head, which she finds unlikely, and suggests to Nikolas that there might be demons in her head, which he also finds unlikely.

Jim thinks that the crew has people who can help her put her memories back together, if she wants help.

"Yeah, because Eva always loved psychotherapy." -Mike
There is a lot of concern that neo-Shoshana is more likely to be Bad. After all, she blew up Dr. Cain's lab when she fled. On the other hand, non-Mirror Eva would probably have blown up the lab too, so perhaps that's not convincing. Well, and she talked about "taking care of" Dr. Cain.

Nikolas thinks that the more Katya makes it obvious she doesn't trust neo-Shoshana, the less she'll trust her in return. Katya says she hearts Shoshana but doesn't heart Dr. Cain. Nikolas thinks his point still stands. In the end, Nikolas stays with Neo-Shoshana to talk, while the party heads out to deal with other things. They promise to not do anything stupid without talking to the party first.

Next, the group contemplates Dr. Cain. Gabriel, coldly furious at discovering his sister cloned on the day of his mother's funeral, still wants to kill him, but his rage is fading the longer they delay. Ciernan says there's two reasons not to: there's an AI version of him, that the live version might be used as bait. Second, he might have something to do with Agent Morden, as he was involved in the original dimensional gate, so he might have to help save the universe. Gabriel grumbles - he knew saving the universe would be in there somewhere. Though he's beginning to calm down.

The plan is put forward: they'll go and arrest him, and if he tries to resist, they'll thump him harder. However, when they get to the inn, Gabriel's guys reports that Cain has just gone to get some supplies from the starport, but he'll be back soon and they're going to keep watching the inn. Right, so he's talked to them. Bah.

Everyone runs off to the starport, where Ciernan manages to pick up his trail. It's not too hard to follow - he brought a big box to the Hippocrates and left it on the ramp, and then got on another ship and left.

The box is sealed, and labeled "To HMS Hippocrates. Open carefully." Sharra says "hi" to whatever is inside. It says "hi" back. Everyone else averts their eyes. The device appears to be Dr. Cain's DNA-extraction machine, which will extract specific DNA only from specific people. If you try to use it on someone else, it'll explode. And it might turn itself on if it thinks the right person is nearby. It wants to know if Sharra is the right person, and if it can check. She claims not to be, though the device thinks she might be tricksy.

The box gets put in the lab, with a big label saying "Do not open unless you're Sharra or possibly Sophia" and Jim declares that they're going to go GET Cain now. Gabriel says he can arrange for permission to arrest him on some fuzzy charges, and the Hippocrates takes off.

Oh, and people remember to tell Viktor, who is back at the inn awaiting his appointment with the King tomorrow. They promise to be back soon.

They eventually catch up to the hapless merchantman that Cain is aboard. He hails them and asks if they got his package. "If you have any questions, just ask Dr. Kye - he negotiated the deal."

Jim orders the other ship to cut its engines and prepare to be boarded. He claims that Dr. Cain is an escaped criminal and they're taking him into custody. Dr. Cain is genuinely amused. Do they have any actual charges in this jurisdiction? He's just wondering. Jim cuts the radio connection.

They race off - the other ship seems to be doing Mad things to its engines in order to get a lot more velocity, but Ciernan can nearly keep up. However, about a day out from planet, the escaping ship's engines finally explode. Jim fires a warning shot across its bow - there's no reaction - and has the ship tractored aboard. Everyone is unconscious from the engine explosion. Cain is placed in maximum security sickbay (Smeerps with earplugs everywhere) under the "stay unconscious" protocols.

Then, it's back down to the planet. Viktor's already seen King Maximilian at this point. They talked, and had a good meeting. King Maximilian isn't strictly opposed to the option, though they didn't actually speak its name while they were standing there, because that would be inappropriate. And they found that they had a lot of common ground.

"He dueled my Elite and won. I think that helped." -Viktor
What does Gabriel think is going to happen with Cain? Gabriel can make him vanish via Blue internal security, but then Michael gets to decide what to do with him. Or they can find some sort of a charge to press against him in Blue and turn him over to the courts. Or they can turn him over to Red, where he's presumably actually guilty of escaping from jail.

Ciernan thinks they should ask Sophia about Agent Morden, and if Cain isn't needed, just push him out an airlock on the way back to Red. Jim disagrees with the spacing people plan.

Meanwhile, neo-Shoshana has talked to Nikolas; she's going to stay somewhere else (though on planet) where she won't randomly run into the rest of Shoshana's family, and she's going to work on reconstructing those memories she thinks are appropriate. She doesn't need "the complete life history of a dead woman," she says.