New Light Cabinet

Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Carolin Rufino. Superb logician, with less concern about things outside her bailiwick. Sort of like Alan Greenspan, for making all the infrastructure run and being apolitical - lots of random things have gotten sucked up into this ministry. (Highways? They transport food...)

Defense: (new) General Gavin Hornberg . Craggy and straightforward. He's heard the idea that it was Terrans and not the Reds, but doesn't find it relevant - the war has started, that's what he has to deal with. That much of the Red fleet is in the outworlds is what makes that possible, and that's an advantage to make the most of. He honestly believes that the best thing for the Blue Hegemony is to control all the Linked Worlds (Blue government is more representative, Red has those criminal ties with Klothos).

Education: A Fundamental Realist, Jackson Ziller. He has a saying, ``No bottom quartile'' -- he's well aware it's not logical, but anyone who actually calls him on it, he'll say something like ``Right, and you can tell me that because you weren't in the bottom quartile. Once everyone can tell me I'm an idiot, I've done my job.''

Environment: (new) Mason Willoby. Trying to keep the middle of the road between business and environment, and thus everyone hates him, just like his predecessor. He's kinda cranky.

Foreign Affairs: (new) Clement Valli. Foreign Affairs has been somewhat sidelined by Defense in their dealings with Red, but he's probably the person most still concerned with their other front of the Well. Unfortunately, he's basically a compromiser (not ``Peace in Our Time'' and give Poland to Germany, but ``change through rational dialogue'').

Domestic Affairs: (new) Also known as Homeland Security. Anibal Veller. She's been mobilizing the home front war effort, with Trade, and is running hot on outrage and patriotism.

Intelligence: (new) This one is run by Michael. Intelligence is kinda in the doghouse after Two Seventy Nine, but getting Donella back got them a little credit. They have pretty strong physical evidence that it was a Red bomb - the nuclear isotope mix is an exact match for the Red Horizon-grade tac nuke, and there was a bunch of encrypted phone traffic on the monitored-but-not-decrypted Red spy communication channels right before the explosion. A couple of the known operatives are believed killed in the blast, and others are whereabouts unknown. They have a lot of suspicions that it was really "Terrans" but no smoking gun.

Labor: (new) Dana Varrato. The strongest liberal in the Cabinet, Labor pretty much always is.

Law: (new) Natisha Awbrey. She looks deceptively like a librarian until she pounces with logic. She's been involved in some battles with Homeland Security, which is taking a lot of martial law liberties.

Space: Dr. Graham Drinkwine. An academic, with a lot of slightly unrealistic ideas about innovative development of the uninhabitable planets and reclamation of asteroid resource. About half of them pan out.

Trade: Sharra's dad, Ivan Wade. Injured in Two Seventy Nine, and doing much of the running of things from his bed now, with aides delegated to.

Treasury: (new) Treasury, like the US Treasury department, has a lot of Department of Miscellaneous going on. It doesn't have the guarding-the-president, but it has a lot of the other secret police functions. The head is Miguel Deroche, a classic MIB with a poker face.