In the Docking Bay (5 Slips)

(Slip 1) Two Vircan Fighters
(Slip 2) Two Vircan Fighters
(Slip 3) Two Vircan Fighters
(Slip 4)
(Slip 5) Exotic Dancer


Bastion: Aberdevine

On Board

In Cargo

Redliner Defense Stuff
Enough parts for five redliner defenses
A cobbled-together psi jammer
Causes painful feedback when psi is used, and takes 2 successes off the top. (Used to be in the brig; the brig has been upgraded.)
Rabbit Costumes
Eight Craterrock-style rabbit costumes (furs, etc)
One Carbonite Chamber
A space bug
(from the Nonesuch/Crux jumpgate in Nonesuch)
Pirated Trade Goods
A bunch of boxes of silks and spices and other trade goods worth 11,000 asters.

Hidden by First Frost of Autumn

Strategos Rank Pips
From Ambros Nomarche's retreat
Strategos Key (given to Blue) and Strategos DNA (some kept)

In the Medlab

6 First Aid Kits
Usable by people with skill at x2HP/success
20 Heal patches
+10 HP no skill needed.
20 Heal injectors
+15 HP 1 firstaid success per 5 points needed
7 Stabilizer packs
Extra death check at x10 effectiveness (instead of x5)
Immune Booster Kit
Useful for biohazardous areas
One uterine replicator
Two "robot first aid kits"

In Drug Locker

Generic anti-poison.
Performance enhancer
Generic anti-biotic
Pain killer

In Labs

Kaufman process demo model and notes (Lab 1, Sophia)
Also Yellow goo generator from Sundown.
Non-functional demonstration model and extensive notes on data disk of the development process. Being researched.
Portable Kaufman tube
Creepy Duplication Nanites
1230 ml left
Backup stash of Black
About a gallon
Luridly colored nebular dust
From near Bastion
Mysteriously dust-attracting nebular dust
From near Bastion
Box of data crystals
Seven four data crystals from Ambros Nomarche's retreat:
Electronic Theatre Control/Suppression (sole contents: zipped file labeled "do not open under any circumstances!")
Gravitic Cloaking
Fractal Neutrino Destabilization
Nanite-based Tactical Communication

In Hydroponics

Various Plantstuffs
Seeds and live plants from an apothecary and a gardening store, and plants from a florist's.
Food and herbs: Sage, bay, mint, vine tomato, carrots, potatoes, chives, grapes, nasturtiums, miniature zuchini, acorn squash, parsley, jalapeno, camomile, chard, peas, onions, garlic, rosemary, strawberries.
Medical: Snakeweed, goldenseal, stinkbomb, healwell, valerian, vergent, sigh-no-more, nightshade, angel's tears, gumdrop.

In the Rec Room

Training Swords
Half a dozen wooden practice swords.
A Sparky Cola vending machine
This top-of-the-line model has a holographic fish panel on the front. It carries mostly plain Sparky Cola, but does have some special flavors like Hyperberry and Extra Energy and Diet Sparky and Gold Dust. It also has a glass chiller and a draft dispenser with flavor shot add-ins. There is no obvious network connect.

In Stateroom #3 (port fire control)

A Safe with ATM attachment for cash
Automatically logs money put in or taken out
In the safe:
3,085 asters

In the Auxilliary Navigation Weapons Locker

Concealable weapons
Several "mini" blasters (0 base damage + 2x successes), small enough to palm. Several small knives made of plastics or ceramics. (Bought by Ace on Sanctuary.)
A large collection of low-tech hand weapons
These include many knives, stars, rings and axes designed for throwing; a few boomerangs and slingshots; swords, daggers, and axes in several styles; a pair of morningstars; long and short sets of clawed gauntlets; some fancy (by outworlds standards) folding knives; a few javelins and other light polearms; and a whip.
8 anti-personnel grenades, 11 knockout gas grenades
9 shaped charges
7 shield belts
4 points of defense, running off a non-rechargeable energy matrix. This lasts until the shield has taken 100 points of damage.
3 omni-grenades
Three doses of a drug per gas grenade.
3 omni-corders
Like tricorders, tunable with sensor ops to detect one particular thing.
13 gas masks
1 suit Matrix-guard style armor
Confers immunity to gas and drug attacks (including Hippocrates patches), but does have an externally pressable chest button that you can put one double-dose of a drug in. It also confers 50% damage reduction (all incoming damage is halved). Anyone in it is at -2 dice for things involving finger coordination (i.e. picking locks, computer hacking), and at +2 difficulty to all perception checks.
Paint job: Just like the original exterior color scheme of HMS Hippocrates

In the Computer Core

In residence
AI Computer
A spiffy computer for the AI project

In the Extra Computer Stuff Room

Jumpgate Computer
A big mainframe with everything you might want to know about jumpgates.
Legal Databases
LexusLight (mostly Blue) and "Law for Merchant Fleets"
Security Computer
-3 successes off the top
+2 difficulty
+2 alert threshold

In People's Staterooms

Archaelogical Discoveries (Kye)
Photo of Dr. Kaufman with Hegemon Gabriel Marchand Nomarche
Award plaque for Dr. Kaufman
Copy of the Book of the Hegemon (New Reformed) from Vircus
Captain's Safe
Terran "yin-yang" Amulet
Captain Bellarion's letters
A computer disk

In the Morgue

For the moment

In the Brig

Recently refitted. 2 cells, with a psi-damper (which can be turned off from outside) that takes 8 successes off the top.

On the Bridge

Weapons Locker
3 doses Flash and 2 Glitter are stored here


On Vircus

Nomarche Family Personal Transport
Fully functional.
Engine Number 9 and Xanthippe's train car
Fully functional.
Three Hegemonic Fighters
Includes "Clarke's Honor", which was briefly with the ship.
Two Blue Navy Fighters
Two timekeepers
Data disk backups of the jumpgate computers, and the Hippocrates records.
Strategos DNA
From Lord Stannis
Backup Black sample
regrown from Katya-black nanites
Backup Hegemon eggs
Katya and Jayla
2782.319--sent to Mendel for evaluation

Other Places

Given to IPX on Stannis' Law.
Given to the King of Highguard.

Some other assets

Cash and similar resources

Blue Ministry of Defense Surplus Account
950 Asters credit. Can get reasonable military surplus stuff at about half price.
Medical-tech licenses with Transmedical Sciences (Blue) and BioSyn Amalgamated (Red), yielding occasional royalties
Most recent payment from Transmedical: 10K asters cash on 2782.280 AS
Most recent payment from BioSyn: 12K in Red war bonds 2780.330


One-shot political spin for something having to do with money
Level 5: from "Treasure Troves" (season 5)
Demassification Tech
Level 8: Makes things less massive, and more fragile, permanently. From "Treasure Troves".
Distillation Tricks
Level 5: Techniques for concentrating things (but nanite based things, i.e. ship's drugs, black, white, glitter, etc. are already maximally concentrated). From "Treasure Troves".
Material for a Science Paper
Level 1: Having something to do with the Fractionation facility. Level 1 is so lame that someone like Sophia dare not sully her hands with it, but it could be used for someone else who has no rep. From "Treasure Troves".