Book of the Hegemons

A gorgeous metal bound book with what appear to be golden pages.
On the cover are embossed the familiar concentric rings of thirteen stars symbolic of the Linked Worlds.
The pages are thin and crisp like fine paper, but completely untearable.
On each of the left hand pages are various writings in numerous different hands.
It is difficult to read, as each page seems to contain numerous overlapping writings in different colors of print.
One color or another stands out more strongly depending upon the light and how you hold your head.
On the right hand pages are intricate full-color diagrams and illustrations, depicting familiar scenes such as the Palatium Tamarch, and the dust nebula, as well as abstract designs, all interwoven with texts of a highly technical nature.

People possessing the following skills can open the appropriate "memory packet" - see a GM to do so. You can read as many sections as you like, with one exception: you may only open one of the first six (Psychic theory = x) packets. Whatever your Psi Theory is at the time you open one of those, is the value you are stuck with for that set of six.

Psychic Theory = 1 (Eva)
You suddenly understand the hidden meanings of the abstract diagrams. They are psychic diagrams which impress on each person only once. At the moment of impression, you will learn information appropriate to your current level of psionic knowledge (psychic theory skill). Regardless of changes in your skill levels, future impressions will tell you nothing new.
Psychic Theory = 2 (Kith)
Here's the ritual.
Psychic Theory = 3 (Max)
The diagrams seem to describe gatherings as a ``pinwheel''. You can see where that idea comes from, but upon more subtle examination you figure it doesn't matter who is responsible for a Gathering (at the center), as long as one participant has an appropriate schtick to get the necessary people into it.
Psychic Theory = 5 (Katya)
Here are instructions sufficient to learn and teach a skill called Power Projection, and descriptions of how to use it to focus psychic energy into other people or things. Use of the skill requires no schtick, just psi dice and skill.
Psychic Theory = 7 (Jayla)
Here are instructions sufficient to learn and teach a skill called Gathering Theory, that would be useful for modifying/understanding gathering-type psychic rituals, like the one in this book, if you had a more complete description.
Psychic Theory = 9 (Ruehan)
An interpretation of the ritual - spliced in, in red. Includes the "complete desciption" referred to in the item above.
Galactic History > 0 (Eva, Dr. Kye)
An assorted collection of eclectic anecdotes. Provides +2 Galactic History skill when considering questions between the Founding and the Fall.
Galactic History > 3 (Dr. Kye)
One Yes/No Question on any Historical Topic prior to the fall. First person to open this chooses.
Q: Are there any Tamorae other than the Dust Wyrm/Leonard Nimoy still around?
A: Yes.
Galactic History > 5 (Dr. Kye)
A 250 word essay on the historical topic of your choice. First person to open this packet decides.
An essay about the industrial complexes of Ganfrey

Industrial complexes of Ganfrey principally fall into two categories: first-order developments of research done on Ganfrey, and second-order manufacturies which use locally developed techniques to improve efficiency.

The first type includes the Komongrund gel chip facility, using magnetic suspensions to deposit semiconductor traces in a polymeric gel, allowing for super-miniaturized computer systems. This ties in to another spinoff, TumbleRobot Inc, which uses Komongrund chips for sophisticated behavior in a robot no larger than a large insect. TumbleRobots are designed for aggregate work; increasing the number of robots in close communication allows them to subdivide computing tasks and enables them to behave increasingly intelligently. TumbleRobot's manufacturing plant in the Northmountain Sea was essentially self-compiled, in that new TumbleRobots are built by a previous TumbleRobot release.

Examples of the second type of industry include the Pherris distilling plant at Chalcedon Bay, which uses microtemperature and gravitics to hyperfractionate volatile organic slurries into separate molecules; and the Hephaestus Conglomerate, which uses a combination of titanium-carbon dust and fast plasma bursts to sear a reinforcing shell around a structure without damaging internal material.

Despite the link between "pure" science and the "applied" science of engineering, there is a significant schism between the cultures; the former prefer to publish rather than allow their discoveries them to become trade secrets, while the latter prefer to continue with a proven procedure, rather than embark upon experimental innovation. Hence many transitions from the Polymath Institute to local industrial complexes happen through third parties elsewhere in the Linked Worlds.

[This a potential lead to an excavation site on Sundown...]

Genetic Engineering > 2 (Jayla)
A description of the linked markers tied to the Hegemon gene complexes, and their phenotypes (blue-starry eyes for Nomarche, blue-white hair for Telemon as they age, and pale blue-sheened skin for Melcamot which gets paler as they age).
Genetic Engineering > 6 (Dr. Randolph)
A complete description of how to make a particular trait ueberdominant, with multiple warnings about "unchecked traits".
Genetic Engineering > 8 and Psi Theory > 3 (Kith)
A complete description of the Hegemon gene complexes and how to create them in an embryo.
Leadership > 2 (Eva)
An assorted collection of eclectic anecdotes. Provides +5 ``Wisdom'' skill while being read.
Materials Engineering > 4 and Electrical Engineering > 3 (Sharra)
A complete description of how to create a device to write on the pages.
Materials Engineering > 9 and Psychic Theory >6 (Sharra)
A complete description of how to create a Star, if the current one gets lost.
Astrophysics or Astronomy > 2 (Sophia)
A complete description of the main characteristics (mass, luminosity, temperature) of all stars in the Linked Worlds, as well as Sol, the star of Terra.
Astrophysics or Astronomy > 4 and Psychic Theory >5 (Ruehan)
A description of the formation of the Omphalos Dust Nebula, with attention to its psychic resonance properties. Gives +1 Gathering Theory skill for use designing/debugging/examining large scale rituals occuring within the Nebula. Gives +2 Psychic Theory skill to considering questions related to the nebula.
Psi stat > 5 (Kith)
An explanation of the monitoring station on Juice. How to use it. How to direct it. Specific questions may be posed by taking the Star through the station and concentrating on the question of interest. The station itself is a constructed feature taking advantage of numerous physical aspects of the planet that will not change for at least 10,000 years barring massive interference by humanity. It can be destroyed, but not easily. It could be redirected to some other purpose, through use of the Star and large amounts of psionic energy, but this procedure is beyond the scope of this work.
Nomarche (Katya)
I greet you, long-long-removed cousin. And I offer my deepest condolence, at what tricks of fate have brought you to read these pages. But though Fate is a rough master, and inescapable no matter how fast you flee, take heart. Your task is nearly done, and with that, Fate will have no more need of you. Your destiny will be as free as you make it, and your salvation in your own hands.
Telemon (Jayla)
Remember my child, you are not a god. You live though I have killed you, a mighty testament to your power, and yet there are things far beyond even you, as there are things beyond even me. Know that I am pleased, for my Word has carried you beyond death even as the last act of my hand shall carry you into it. Our time has ended, may you create a new one for us beyond the Flames.
Melcamot (Donella, retold after the fact)
"It said something about my family's job being first and thus hardest, but that it had been done well. But to not get lazy, because though we no longer rule, we were still needed to serve."
Psi stat of 12 (Katya)
You get a general sense of Warding and Warning, with overtones of inappropriate behavior, and chastisement. It ends lighter with invitation, and suggestion.
Psi substat of 12 (Katya, Ruehan)
Well done, Hegemon. With the great work of your life now complete, and your people saved, your time to rest is near at hand. Once more shall the Flames imperil your people. Having stopped them this time, you should have a better understanding of what is required to stop them the next. Set the stage for the future, arrange what will be needed, and then enjoy your well earned reward.
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