Significant Rhymes

From the Golden Ascension's Files

Down to the sea, the waves, the sea,
Under the sky-blue sea
Is me

Under the sky, the stars, the sky
Watching the flaming sky
I spy

Above me the pair, the twins, the pair
Steady the twins
They flare

Sinking I go, I fall, I go
Under the sea
I flow

Darkness and night, from black, to white
Open your eyes
Is light

From the Omphalos Dust Wyrm, and the Golden Ascension's Files

One in the middle
Three until the end
Stay in the circle
And you'll go around the bend

Light fights with Darkness
And even saves a friend
But getting past the final gate
Is different in the end

Push pull drop throw
Nothing you can do will go
Only someone else can do
That to make a gate for you

Make a door or throw a rope
Nothing you can do has hope
But think a thought and make a way
For just one friend's escape today

One Two Three Four
That is how you make a door
Five Six Seven Eight
Too bad one must stay and wait

From the North Pole Visions on Juice

Silver Dome, Silver Spire
Here I stand and face the fire.

Silver Spire, Silver Dome
Rainbow arch above my home.

From the North Pole Visions on Juice

Frog be happy, frog jump high
Leave his prints up on the sky

Frog be hungry, frog turn round
Eat a mountain to the ground

Frog's old mountain now a hole
Dig his nest a silver bowl

Frog get thirsty when he wake
Drink a river, spit a lake

Frog be sitting in his home
Worry for a falling dome

Frog be worried for his head
Weave his blanket, green blue red

Frog all settled for to rest
Pull his blanket 'cross his nest