Closing Report, Far Ways, Ridena

The news from home continues to be poor. Our authority here continues to be curtailed and diminished to the point of ineffectiveness. Since it has come to this, we prefer to stand or fall with our homeworlds, rather than wait here for news of grief and disaster.

Our reports have been presented to the Hegemon, to no doubt be lain aside and disregarded. Our properties on Ridena have been closed, no doubt to be confiscated soon. We go.

But know this, you who come here, be you looters, lackeys or worse --- you have started this war, thinking yourselves mighty and your target weak. You will live to see what we, your country cousins, have become, and that we can yet stand against you.

Simon bar Tikan, Consul of the Deep Expansion Worlds

Kieran Solvini, Nonesuch Envoy
Delphi Taella, Spartan Skald
Nabbin il'Fourth, Bastion Representative
Fain Galt, Crux Envoy
Natala Khusov, Pierogi Envoy
Wulf Salemme, Envoy of Khaerlin, Lendt
Canalenne Siobhe, Creek Wisewoman