Eight out of ten Hegemons preferred Sparky Cola!

Do you have what it takes to drink the drink?

Are you worthy of Sparky Cola, the only beverage with our patented Energo-Vivium energetic nutritional flavor supplement?

Send completed quizzes to: Sparky Cola Challenge, PO Box 214, Centre City, Stannis Law. The Grand Prize will be chosen by lottery from all correct quizzes received by 2778.200. The Grand Prize winner will receive a 2779 model Starline Scooter; six runners-up will receive a tour of the Sparky Cola bottling plant. Both the Grand Prize winner and the runners-up will receive a lifetime supply of Sparky Cola.

1. What notable architect (known to be fond of Sparky Cola for instant energy) designed the Frostfall Opera House?
a: Beowulf Thurion b: Clara Spalding
c: Sinclair Pressman d: Duvas

2. In 2760, Lord Stannis christened the newly built flagship of the Stannis Law spacefleet, some say using a bottle of Sparky Cola across the bow. What was the name of its sternmost escape boat?
a: LSS Adamant Boat 10 b: LSS Adamant Boat 6
c: Lifeboat 14 d: LSS Breakaway

3. Which mythical creature does not like Fabulous Sparky Cola?
a: A Hippogryph b: The Phoenix
c: A Nurlian Mind Leech d: The Great Omphalos Dust Worm

4. Everyone knows the words to "The Mountains of Stannis Law". In 2723, entries to the Nessenbaum Festival composed over six hundred alternate verses. The winning verse was on the what subject?
a: Mountains b: Lord Stannis
c: Sparky Cola d: the Pole Star

5. The sport of ice scudding is best enjoyed from a distance, watching from inside a heated room while sipping a fizzy glass of Sparky Cola with a slice of spiced peach. The legendary ice scudder Bron Kierofal was previously known for his skill in what similar field?
a: Sledding b: Fishing
c: Small Unit Tactics d: Skiing

6. The characters Petrician, Salandir, and Keffin were at one time well known for their tea parties. Had they drunk Sparky Cola, their fame would have been less fleeting. What play did they appear in?
a: Once Around the Park b: Hamlet
c: When We're Home d: The Ineffables

7. Which of the following has never been a Starline Scooter color?
a: Clarion Crimson Cherry b: Fuligin
c: Sparky Cola Clear d: Zephyr Zaffer

8. Sparky Cola is as clear and pure as the rain! In the summer of 2686, what decidedly non-pure rain ingredients were reported in the northern provinces?
a: Frogs b: Snails
c: Bread crumbs d: Coins

9. What is the minimum safe turning radius for a ship with a one-thousand meter plasma burn? Yes, yes, it's a ship carrying crates of Sparky Cola.
a: Approximately 80 meters b: Approximately 160 meters
c: Approximately 500 meters d: Approximately 1000 meters

10. Which was the best zed ever?
a: 0: Founding of the Tarn Alliance b: 2005: The zed so nice it happened twice
c: 2666: End of the "final" war between worlds d: 2689: Discovery of the Sparky Cola formula

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