Politics and Other Means

"Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is."

-- Father Gandhi, Bibble VII:28:i

Stannis Law

Viktor and Donella appear to have reached an Understanding, though they aren't providing details. Rumors include some climbing through windows, though no one will confirm or deny anything.

The conference begins with a ploy by Red to drive the eventual government (the one that will presumably be unifying under Viktor and Donella's heir) more towards a Red model than a Blue model, with the downgrading of Blue's ministers. The ministers have been driving Donella crazy of late, so she's willing to go along with that.

Other themes of note during the conference include not letting the Well buy anything important, and a concern that having the Elite train on Vircus will mean that they'll support Jayla more than the other two bloodlines. The Elite facility is traded to Stannis Law, thus much more strongly supporting an independent Stannis Law in the future, in exchange for the Elite getting powers most places.

The Outworlds, on the other hand, are pushed more strongly into the unifying Hegemony via a jump gate funded and to be constructed from Juice to Crux (not Nonesuch, the Outworlds' preference), and pulling the Outworlds into the joint tribunal on the Criminal Mastermind. The party / Emerald Knights do get most of the things that they want, though at a cost of selling the Strategos Key to Donella.

As far as bloodlines go, Jayla and Donella are considered to have been helped a little more than Katya (they each used their "one point cheaper if it helps your bloodline" once) giving Katya a little boost of independence. In terms of political power, most groups come out about the same. Jayla is down slightly; Blue is up a bit; Stannis is down a lot; the Outworlds are down a little; Janzur is up a little, and the Well is down a little.

The Emerald Knights get the Santa Maria to use as a base; Maury gets legal rights for uplifts in exchange.


The Status Quo remains