When You're With Cain
("When You're a Jet" from West Side Story)

When you're with Cain
You're with Cain all the way
From your first brand-new brain
To your last dying day
When you're with Cain
You're in capable hands
You're an integral part
Of his brilliant plan

He'll take you apart
And rearrange the pieces
He'll capture your heart
You'll do whatever he says
Whatever pleases

His will is plain
You'll be pleased to obey
And you might feel some pain
But you can't run away
Don't you complain, just stay
With Cain!

When you're with Cain
You've got feathers and claws
You've got tusks and a mane
You're above human laws
When you're with Cain
Let 'em do what they can
Let 'em call you a monster
You're more than a man

He'll soup you up fine
You'll be a revolution
In humanoid design
Mad Science's solution
Beats evolution!

Here's Dr. Cain, he's
And they can't keep him down
He's just hitting his stride
Here's Dr. Cain
With the world at his feet
His ideas may be crazed
But his triumph is sweet
Just can't
Be beat!

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