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Welcome. I'm Jeremy Kepner, a former graduate student in the Dept. of Astrophysics at Princeton where I was a DoE Computational Science Graduate Fellow. I received a Ph.D. focusing on Computational Science. I am now a Lincoln Laboratory Fellow at MIT where I lead the Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center. I am also a research affiliate at the MIT Mathematics Department and the MIT Computer Science and AI Lab where I collaborate with Prof. Alan Edelman, Prof. Mike Stonebraker, Prof. Sam Madden, Prof. Charles Leiserson, Dr. Chris Hill, Dr. Albert Reuther, and Dr. Vijay Gadepally. I am also a part of the MIT Big Data initiative and its GraphBLAS effort. My primary interests are in High Performance Computing, Parallel Algorithms, and Computational Software. I created pMatlab (along with Nadya Bliss), MatlabMPI (now merged with pMatlab), and D4M. For more information on these topics check out the sites listed below. For more my publications click here. For more my past journeys click here.

  • Biography
  • Chair IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC) conference
  • Chair SIAM Data Mining Activity Group
  • Co-founder and co-chair HPC Challenge Benchmark Suite
  • Co-inventor HPEC Challenge Benchmark Suite
  • Founder and co-organizer Computational Research in Boston (CRiB) seminar
  • Co-inventor PVTOL: Parallel Vector Tile Optimizing Libary winner 2011 R&D 100 Award
  • Co-inventor Graph500 Benchmark
  • Co-inventor Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (Original 2005 Study) (Construction Video)
  • Founder and co-organizer MIT SIAM Section
  • The Collaborative
  • For the above efforts I was recently given MIT Lincoln Laboratory's highest honor
  • I was also inducted into my high school Hall of Fame

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