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TechComm 450: Web Page and Site Design

Completed: A

The primary purpose of this course is to provide students with the theory and practice neccessary to create effective, dynamic Web sites. Within the Web design profession, three areas of specialization seem to be emerging: information/content design, visual design, and programming. No one course could fully cover all three, but this course will provide a strong introduction to each and allow students to further explore the areas of greatest interest to them.

Winter 2003, Lecturer Kara Heinrichs

Kara was an excellent instructor and this was a great class. There was a good distribution of engineers and non-engineers in this course, which made it a little more fun. The technical content was not very thick or deep and could be picked up by anyone. But it was the information architecture and site design topics that were really interesting and helpful. With this knowledge, along with some more study in programming, I know I could make this site very professional.

Selected Assignments:


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