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EECS 212/316: Signals and Systems

Completed: A-

Basic linear system theory concepts and their use in analyzing signals and linear systems. Topics include: superposition; convolution and impulse response; Fourier series and transforms; Laplace transforms; transfer functions; Applications include: filtering; amplitude modulation; Nyquist sampling theorem; feedback control systems. Computational aspects of the material are illustrated through MATLAB exercises.

Fall 2001, Professor Winick

This was the most challenging course I've had at UofM so far. The material covered was covered fast and in depth. There were weeks when discussion would be replaced with more lectures. It was also one of the interesting classes because the material covered is the beginnings of signal processing theory. However, due to the extreme nature of the class, the homework and the exams, it was incredibly difficult. The professor was very good but this class deserves a 300 level course number and taking it concurrently with three other EE classes was a mistake.



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