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EECS 320: Introduction to Semiconductor Devices

Completed: A-

Introduction to semiconductors in terms of atomic bonding and electron energy bands. Equilibrium statistics of electrons and holes. Carrier dynamics; continuity, drift, and diffusion currents; generation and recombination processes. Introduction to: PN junctions, metal-semiconductor junctions, bipolar junction transistors, junction and MOSFETs.

Fall 2001, Professor Singh

This class was terribly difficult and yet easy at the same time. The course material was very interesting beyond the first few weeks of quantum theory. It took a while to make sense of the class, but after that the material about device theory was interesting and easy to understand. However, at the same time, the class was rather difficult when it came to homework and exams. Despite the small homework sets and open book exams, the sheer quantity of relevant equations and the range of answers covering 50 orders of magnitude can get rather confusing. I also believe that i spent very little concentration on this class by paying more attention to the other three EE classes, and that negligence cost me a higher grade.


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