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Eng 100 Eng 101 T.C. 215 T.C. 496
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Math 115 Math 116 Math 215 Math 216 Chem 125&130 Phys 140&141 Phys 240&241
HU & S.S.
JE 101&JE 102 RCNS 270 Hist 285 Hist 301
Eng 195 ME 424 P.A.T. 201 Phys 489 T.C. 450

TechComm 215: Technical Communication for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Completed: A

Professional communication to the general public, managers, and other professionals about electrical and computer engineering ideas. Functional, physical and visual/diagrammatic description. Report writing about circuits, signals, and systems, including description and analysis. Job letters and resumes.

Winter 2002, Professor Hildinger

Professor Hildinger made this class worthwhile. For a Technical Communications class it was actually pretty fun. There wasn't too much of a workload but the term paper I co-authored was very good.

Term Paper


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