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Intro Engr
Eng 100 Eng 101 T.C. 215 T.C. 496
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Math & Sciences
Math 115 Math 116 Math 215 Math 216 Chem 125&130 Phys 140&141 Phys 240&241
HU & S.S.
JE 101&JE 102 RCNS 270 Hist 285 Hist 301
Eng 195 ME 424 P.A.T. 201 Phys 489 T.C. 450

Physics 140: General Physics I

Completed: A

Classical Mechanics: vectors, motion in one and two dimensions, circular and projectile motion, Newton's laws, particle dynamics, work, energy, momentum and simple harmonic motion. Calculus based.

Fall 2000, Professor Orr, Discussion Instructor Amidei

Amidei was a very good discussion instructor, he was very helpful. No real comments. However on the last day of class there was a demo with a long tube with a row of holes drilled on the top. The tube was fed with a gas flow and one end had a speaker mounted on it. When the gas jets on the top were ignited and the speaker produced a frequency at resonant mode of the tube, an awesome blue and yellow flame patter was produced in a wave shape.

Physics 141: Elementary Physics Lab I

Grade: A+

Concurrent physics lab to Physics 140

Fall 2000, GSI "Vincent" Huang

No comments.


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