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EECS 401: Probabilistic Methods in Engineering

Completed: B

Basic concepts of probability theory. Random variables: discrete, continuous, and conditional probability distributions; averages; independence. Introduction to discrete and continuous random processes: wide sense stationary, correlation, spectral density.

Winter 2003, Professor Stark

Paying attention in this class really would have helped my grade. This was one of those classes that I really was not interested in taking. The first month and a half was also really easy. I rarely went to the 9:30 AM class, all the slides were handed out and the material was very dry. I was paying little attention to the quizzes and homework but I did get a 100% on the midterm. But I started really slacking and missed a few homework assignments and quizzes. Despite getting a 93% on the final exam, I still only received a B in the course. This was thoroughly my own fault because I know I could have gotten an A.


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