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Math 216: Introduction to Differential Equations

Completed: B+

General differential equations with computer based group labs. After an introduction to ordinary differential equations, the first half of the course is devoted to topics in linear algebra, including systems of linear algebraic equations, vector spaces, linear dependence, bases, dimension, matrix algebra, determinants, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. In the second half these tools are applied to the solution of linear systems of ordinary differential equations. Topics include: oscillating systems, the Laplace transform, initial value problems, resonance, phase portraits, and an introduction to numerical methods.

Spring 2001, Professor Wittenberg

Taken over spring term at 8am, four days a week, 2 hours a day. I was asleep for most of this class due to its timing. I had trouble staying awake for most of it. This is unfortunate because it is needed in almost all other engineering classes.


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