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EECS 230: Electromagnetics I

Completed: A

Electric charge and current. Traveling waves and phasors. Transmission lines; sinusoidal analysis and transient response. Vector calculus. Electrostatics. Magnetostatics. Laboratory segment includes experiments with transmission lines, the use of computer-simulation exercises, and classroom demonstrations.

Fall 2001, Professor Peterson, Discussion GSI Peterson (different), Lab GSI Combi

After taking Physics 240 here and EECS 210 here, this was one of the most remedial classes I have taken. Transmission line theory was new but not difficult and could have been incorporated with some other class. The professor was good and fair, but because of the nature of the material, going to class was a rarity if only to turn in homework. Furthermore, the associated lab was insulting starting with a wave-tank and water waves. Transmission lines were not begun in lab until after we had moved on to electrostatics in class.


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