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EECS 211: Electrical Engineering II

Completed: A+

Introductory electrical engineering topics, continued: basic circuit analysis; elementary transistor and diode circuits. Equivalent transformations of electric circuits. Transient analysis of circuits in first and second order differential equations. Introduction to diode recifiers, diode detectors and transistor (MOSFET only) logic circuits. Laboratory experience with second order circuits, power supplies, AM modulation.

Fall 2001, Professor Whitaker, Lab GSI Takis Aleiferis

This was a pretty simple overall class. The hardest part was in the beginning with some second order differential equations and getting the polarities right on some RLC circuits. Otherwise, there was some basic mosfet and diode theory which overlapped greatly with 210, 270 and 320 and material I had covered previously to coming to UofM.



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