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Physics 240: General Physics II

Completed: A

Classical Electromagnetism: charge, Coulomb's Law, electric fields and potential, capacitors, current and resistance, basic circuits, magnetic fields, simple AC circuits. Calculus based.

Winter 2001, Professor Myron Campbell, Discussion Instructor De Vries

Somewhat overlapped with EECS 210, however different notations and simplifications caused annoyances. However, I must say that the sizable Tesla Coil on the last day was a nice treat. The discussion was mandatory and graded and a very large inconvenience; it served no purpose. Furthermore, the online homework system was from University of Texas and was an absolutely terrible system.

Physics 241: Elementary Physics Lab II

Grade: A+

Concurrent physics lab to Physics 240

Winter 2001, GSI Conti

No comments. Very Elementary...


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