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EECS 280: Programing and Introductory Data Structures

Completed: A

Techniques and algorithm development and effective programming, top-down analysis, structured programming, testing, and program correctness. Program language syntax and static and runtime semantics. Scope, procedure instantiation, recursion, abstract data types, and parameter passing methods. Structured data types, pointers, linked data structures, stacks, queues, arrays, records, and trees.

Winter 2002, Adjunct Lecturer Jim Eng & Adjunct Professor Mary Lou Dorf, Discussion GSI Bobby Allen II

This class was not incredibly difficult materials wise, but the course administration was horrendous. Both teachers were poorly organized and were unable to maintain clear lecture, test and project goals. They had very little concern, it seemed, for the students and used non-real world examples as justification. All blame cannot be placed only on the teachers, both of which were relatively new to the EECS280 class it seemed.

On a more professional note, the overall material covered in class was useful even if the course was not taught in the greatest way. In spite of the terribly written project specifications, I believe that my solutions were intelligent and well written. I'll include some examples of code soon. Also, Bobby Allen was an excellent disucssion leader. He tried very hard to help the students and to make a connection between the students' needs and the professors' goals.

Sample of Finished Projects

Project 4: The purpose of this project was to use classes and dynamic memory allocation of a 1-D array to build a 2-D simple graphics program capable of drawing simple graphics in a ppm file by using a command line interface. The final program was partitioned into six header files and seven cpp files. The Project 4 code is combined into one color-coded-syntax PDF document (523kB).

Project 5c: This was a three part project involving the use of an associative linked list structure, classes and templating. The basic associative list structure was required in part A. Templating the structure was part B. Part C was using the templated structure classes to implement a two layered list structure to hold organized quotes of various movies by the movie and then by the quote. This required using a a list within a list style structuring so have all the functionality required by the specifications. The Project 5 Part C code is combined into one color-coded-syntax PDF document (259kB).


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