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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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a/an. See also indefinite articles.
a lot/alot
abbreviations abstract language
abstracts accept/except
acceptance letters
accurate labeling of graphics
accusative (objective) case
acetate overheads
acknowledging sources. See also documentation styles.
acknowledgments acronyms action verbs (for resumes and job application letters)
active voice. See also voice.
activities (listing in resumes)
addresses adjective clauses adjectives adverbial clauses. See also introductory commas.
adverbs advice/advise
ageist language
agreement aim. See also introduction.
all ready/already
all together/altogether
alot/a lot
ambiguous comparisons
American Psychological Association (APA) documentation style among/between
ampersands (in APA in-text citations).
analogy (paragraph development)
analysis (paragraph development)
anonymous works, citing. See also bibliographies. antecedents of pronouns. See also pronoun-antecedent agreement.
anthologies, citing anxious/eager
any- words any body/anybody
any more/anymore
any one/anyone
APA. See American Psychological Association.
apostrophes apparatus. See also working drawings and schematic diagrams.
appearance of document
application letters. See also letters.
appositive phrases appropriateness
arrangement articles (grammatical) articles (in journals and magazines) as . . . as/so . . . as
astronomy style guides
attitude (of audience)
attitude adverbs
attribution of ideas. See citation styles.
audience author's name included in text (citations) authorization
auxiliary verbs. See also modal auxiliaries.
awhile/a while

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