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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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capitalization captions
case cause and effect (paragraph development)
caution messages
CD-ROMs, citing censor/censure
central idea. See main idea.
chalkboards (use of during oral presentations)
charts checklist for revising and editing documents
chemical formulas chemistry style guides
Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) note citations chromosome abberations, commas with
circle graphs
citation-sequence system of documentation citation styles citing electronic sources clarity classification and division (paragraph development)
clauses clearness. See clarity.
closings. See conclusions.
CMS . See Chicago Manual of Style.
coherence collaborative writing. See also reviewing a document.
collective antecedents
collective nouns (subject-verb agreement)
colons come/go
commands (imperative mood). See also imperative sentences.
commas common knowledge
common nouns
comparison and contrast (paragraph development)
comparisons comparative adjectives
comparative adverbs
complements (grammatical) complete comparisons.
complete sentences
complimentary closing (letters)
compound computer software . See software.
conciseness conclusions concrete words.
concur in/concur with
conference proceedings, citing conjunctions conjunctive adverbs
consulting reports
content guidelines for bibliographic entries contents, table of (as front matter)
contractions, apostrophes with
contrary-to-fact conditions
conversations, citing coordinate modifiers, commas with
coordinating conjunctions
copying source language
corporate authors, citing. See organizational authors.
correlative conjunctions
correcting documents Council of Biology Editors (CBE) documentation style countable nouns. See also countable and uncountable nouns.
cover page credibility, establishing
crediting sources
curriculum vitae. See résumés.

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