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Writing for Managers

Assume that managers are busy people who need to use documents primarily as tools in making decisions. Because managers read and review many documents, be brief and to the point.

Levels of Knowledge

Managers vary in their technical knowledge. Many managers, especially in technical organizations, are general experts in a document's subject matter. Rarely, however, are managers specific experts in the content of a document. Managers usually supervise a number of projects, so they may not be familiar with every recent technological advance. And often managers are specialists in fields such as marketing or management and have little detailed technical knowledge.

Purposes in Using Document

Managers read technical and scientific documents for a variety of purposes:

to aid in making decisions

to assess current situations

to maintain their general level of expertise

to evaluate projects and employees

In general, managers read for the bottom line, a concise summary of the present situation and specific recommendations for action.

Strategies for Writing to Managers

See also Document Density.

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