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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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ibid. See also guidelines for CMS note citation.
IEEE style of documentation. See Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
imagined conditions
imperative imply/infer
importance, relative. See emphasis.
important information in main clause. See also emphasis.
inappropriate shifts. See shifts, inappropriate.
incomplete comparisons
incomplete sentences (sentence fragments)
inconsistency indefinite articles. See also articles. indefinite pronouns indentation independent clauses indexes, as end matter
indicative mood
indirect objects
indirect questions, punctuation of
infinitives informal informative abstracts
inquiry letters. See also letters.
inserting text in quotations
inside (recipient's) address, in letters
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers citation-sequence style institutional author, citing. See organizational author, citing.
instructions, writing. See also task-oriented documents. insure/assure/ensure
integrating graphics and text
intellectual property rights. See also legal and ethical issues.
in-text citations intensive pronouns
intention. See purpose.
interjections, dashes with
international standards for numbers
Internet addresses. See citing electronic sources.
Internet sources, citing. See citing electronic sources.
interoffice memorandums. See memorandums.
interrogative pronouns
interrogative sentences interrupted sentence structure (misplaced modifiers)
interviews, citing. See personal communication, citing.
intransitive verbs. See also voice and transitive and intransitive verbs.
introduction introductory elements, commas with
inverted word order. See also ordinary word order.
irregular verbs. See also modal auxiliaries.
italics (underlining) items in a series, commas to separate

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