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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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safety elements in procedures
salutation (greeting) in letters
schematic diagrams
scientific abbreviations. See also technical terms and list of terms.
scientific writing style guides
second person (grammatical)
sections and subsections (chunks)
self-referential pronouns
semicolons sender's address in letters
sentence fragments
sentence types sentences sequence of tenses
series, commas in
sexist language
shifts, inappropriate simple past
simple present
simple sentences
single bar graphs
single line graphs
single quotation marks
singular/plural. See number (grammatical).
slides. See also overheads and other display media (for oral presentations).
so . . . as/as . . . as
software, citing. See citing electronic sources.
somebody/some body
someone/some one
sometime/some time
sources spacing. See line spacing.
specialized dictionaries species names
specific language
specifications. See also task-oriented documents.
speeches, giving. See oral presentations.
spelling split infinitives. See also interrupted sentence structure.
stacked bar graphs
stacked modifiers
statement of objective
statement of problem
stringy sentences
strong verbs stub
style. See also appropriateness and document density.
style, documentation. See documentation styles.
style guides style manuals. See style guides.
style of speech (oral presentations)
subheadings. See also subject headings.
subject-verb agreement subject headings. See also headings and subheadings.
subject line subject missing
subjects subjective case
subjunctive mood
subordinate clauses
subordinate elements, commas with
subordinating conjunctions
summary of others' ideas
superfluous commas
superlative adjectives
superlative adverbs
suspended hyphens
symbols syntax. See grammar.

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