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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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p./pp. pace (density) of document
page format page numbers paired (correlative) conjunctions
paragraph coherence
paragraph development paragraphs parallellism paraphrase parentheses parenthetic elements, commas with
participles parts of sentences parts of speech passive (voice) past participle
past perfect tense
past tense
percent/per cent/percentage. See also numbers.
peer review perfect periodicals, citing. See journal articles.
periods person (grammatical) personal communication and other "nonrecoverable" information personal pronouns. See also pronouns, pronoun case, and sexist language.
phrases physics style guides
pie graphs
placement of commas with other punctuation.
placement of note numbers placement of parenthetical citations placement of superscript notes (CMS style of documentation)
plagiarism. See also acknowledging sources. plain language
planning and producing documents pluperfect
plurals. See also subject-verb agreement. possession. See also pronoun case. possessive case. See also possession and apostrophes.
predicates prefixes
preparing viewgraphs
prepositional phrases prepositions present participle. See also gerunds.
present perfect tense
present tense. See also subject-verb agreement.
presentations, oral. See oral presentations.
press releases
principal parts of verb (verb forms)
problem statement
procedure section
procedures, writing. See also task-oriented documents.
proceedings, citing. See journal articles, citing.
process (method of paragraph development)
professional or job objective (résumé heading)
progress reports
progressive form of verbs
pronoun-antecedent agreement
pronoun reference pronouns proofreading proper nouns proposals public speaking. See oral presentations.
publication information in reference entries punctuation purpose. See also purpose (in introductions).

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