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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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Section 3.4.5

Materials and Apparatus

In documents that describe an experiment or other procedure, list all hardware and software in sufficient detail for the the reader to reproduce the process.

Describe equipment and software specific to the procedure. If appropriate, give the model or version numbers of major items of equipment. In many cases, essential information on materials and apparatus can be most effectively presented in a table.

In short documents, describe materials and apparatus as part of the procedures section. If appropriate, mark the description with its own subheading. In longer documents or in documents reporting studies where the materials were a crucial element, put the description in a separate section with its own heading.

Make descriptions of apparatus in the body of your document relatively brief. Put lengthy descriptions of materials and apparatus in one or more appendixes, referring to these descriptions in the main text.

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## Materials and Apparatus ##
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