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Stone Cold And Stuck Rather Firmly To The Presses...

Melanie Soderstrom, aka Gisele Tyrene, just got married. Mike and I decided to write a special wedding issue for her. Not to mention it was a good way to explain what some of us were doing as part of our wedding gifts for her.

And this really should've been Volume 3, except I couldn't bring myself to actually claim we're still publishing...

Mike Magelinski plays Fleridahn; Dave Leung currently plays Hans Zim.


Past Issues of Volume Two:

Final Issue, whatever. Has Final Anything ever stopped anyone? No. They just keep coming back. And so, here we are with our ninth issue.

Just who is Darklocke, Areth's Greatest Poet, and who is Matsumoto Tomohiko, aka Tomo? Well, we don't really delve into that in our 8th issue, but suffice it to say that Tomo, an Okian warrior/shaman, died in Spring 1602 and Darklocke left the Frontier a few seasons later. And the rest, as they say, is either history or really excellent gossip material.

The 7th issue is either very very funny, or very very painful. We're not sure which.

If that link doesn't work, then you can skip the intro.

Who needs dead editors when you have the righteous sixth issue. One article is all the news you need to know.

Damer and Lilian had a tremendous wedding, and fairly righteous parties. Who knew? Well, anyone who read our special wedding issue, of course!

No Winter Feast and no issue of the DTSC. Coincidence? You decide.

To prevent future disasters, the DTSC has come back from their vacation in Aruba (DL: Umm, Tomo, it was Ohio, not Aruba) and now bring you their fifth issue, just in time for the Spring.

That's right, well before the next event comes our fourth issue. No kidding! It's like 72 hours in advance! All the news you need, just in time for you to forget it by Friday.

And people thought it couldn't be done, but hey, when your quality is as bad as ours, it's easy! No, wait, that was supposed to be about the Gazette, not our third issue.

The second issue hits newsstands just as people are gearing up for the new season. What better way to prepare than to remember the real reason you play Legends.

The first issue of Volume 2, just in time to take away your appetite for Summer Revels.



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