Darklocke & Tomo's
Social Column

Published whenever we feel like it.

Vol 2, Issue #10

60 Fire, 1604

All The News We Think You Need To Know



Tomohiko: Our investigative reporters have just found out that Gisele Tyrene--

Darklocke: Don't you mean Giselle?

T: *sigh* I'm successfully back from the dead, Darky - that joke isn't. Anyways, we've just discovered that she's studying to become a dreamwalker!

D: Great. Hasn't she been doing that all year?

T: Really?

D: Yes.

T: Well, considering what we pay our reporters, I guess it figures they're not exactly prompt.

D: They're just confused. The way Seers scatter trying to meet, they probably got lost in the mix.

T: So do we know why she's studying dreamwalking?

D: Well, I do happen to know she's always dreaming about me, so--

T: Maybe fewer people in the dream realm misspell her name as much.

D: No, seriously, just the other night, she was asleep in her cabin, and she starts crying out, "oh, Darklocke, couplet for me again!"

T: I didn't want to know that. Wait, what were you doing in--

D: I'll have you know I can turn a woman to putty with my sonnets.

T: Kinda like how Drago does it, huh?

D: ... How did you find that out?

T: Anyways, apparently she's looking for something in the dream realm--

D: Maybe her twin sister, Giselle!--

T: --or a good poet.

D: Ouch, you wound me.

T: Right. But something's preventing her from making progress in her search.

D: Pining for Sebastian.

T: Don't mix roles. No, I'm thinking she could just use a little help along in the right direction.

D: Ah, the gift that keeps on giving--

T: Character Points!     D: Sonnets!

T: What?     D: What?

T: Character points, you stalker.

D: Ah, yes, of course! Like a spiritual gift certificate for the dreamwalker you just can't shop for!

T: Exactly. So some of us have gathered some essence together, put a nice imaginary bow on it, and sent it along her way.

D: Me, I haven't the points to spare... if I'm ever back in New Galen, however, keep an ear open for a sonnet!

T: Look, why don't I just subject her to a death haiku and save us the effort?

D: You do know I'm still looking for a Remove Curse for that?

T: What, you think I'm cursed to write bad poetry?

D: No, my ears shriveled up and fell off, rather than listen to your haiku.

T: Well, we're out of time; that one's Darklocke, impoverished (in more ways than one!) poet extraordinaire.

D: And that's Tomo, who can't figure out if he's alive or not.

Darklocke and Tomo's Social Column is an OOG production of Mike Magelinski (Darklocke) and David Leung (Tomo). We only vaguely apologize to click and clack, the tappett brothers, for ripping off their bantering "car talk" style.
May the readers have mercy on our souls. -- Darklocke Or at least not lake us before they Final us. -- Tomo