B     I     o     t     M     C

B a d   I d e a   o f   t h e   M o n t h   C l u b


Welcome to BIotMC's homepage! Here you'll find the finest in Bad Ideas.


The Flinn School of Sarcasm


The Dussaud Seminary of Rational Thought


The Matsumoto College of Tactics and Strategy (and occassional sarcasm and rants)

The Miyaguchi Institute of Alchemy

  • Never tell an Alchemist that the formula for Spice is 3 holly, 1 hobgoblin horn, and 1 amber.
  • Fury, Dark Elf: 3/4 oz Tequila, 3/4 oz Kahlua, 13 drops Tabasco sauce.

The Aurelia Finishing School

  • Clearly we should print some calendars of the Cuties of New Galen.

The Darklocke Academy of Social Commentary

    All the news that fits, we print.

The Tick College of Oratory