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Vol 2, Issue #5a

33 Wind, 1603

We Have Issues.


Special Wedding Issue!

Tongues are a-wagging with the upcoming wedding of Lilian Whitehorse and Damer Flinn. What better way to acknowledge such an occasion than with a special issue?

(Darklocke: Not to mention we kinda screwed up and missed the issue before the Winter Feast.)

Ignore that man. Him and his sarcasm, I tell you. Sheesh.

So, break out those little cute d6's! Here we go!

Predict Lilian's Ladies Night Out!

Should I bring a dagger or a Purify potion? Roll and find out!

  1. Not only does everyone have a blast, not only does Anadem crash the party and bring some really cool shit, but you also find the tabloid reporter in your midst, lake them, and then Final them. Which is a good thing, because then Shail and Durgan won't find about... well, y'know.
  2. Rockin' party! The Tor Lanencrest boy band you hire is vastly entertaining and charming, the food is the best from Tor Aquillon, and aside from one person not being able to hold her liquor (don't worry, we won't mention any names here, Deliah), a great time is had by all.
  3. What a blast. Unfortunately, you'll wake up the next day with a splitting hangover and you won't be able to remember half of the party, except for the very animated discussion about whether Kendall kisses like a gagging fish or not.
  4. Unfortunately, the Loch Mabens kept trying to crash the party. Fortunately, there were many heavily armed women at the party. Unfortunately, the Loch Mabens prided themselves at "being hit on", so they kept coming back for more.
  5. No brie?!?
  6. Unghh. The Blackwatch offered to entertain by stripping. Talk about killing the party mood...

Predict Damer's Bachelor Party!

Contact poison or running shoes? Now, you don't need to guess.

  1. What a party! Drinking, singing, laughing, finger sandwiches! You couldn't have planned it better with a Seer! Even the Galenese Guard that knocked on the cabin saying "We got some complaints, could you keep it down?" joined in the fun the fourth time he had to come back!
  2. Daddy Whitehorse actually believes Damer when he says, "I didn't do it and I don't even know her name" the next morning.
  3. Standard planned gathering scenario: random monsters/party crashers are occasionally attracted to the activity. It all adds to the fun, but disrupts the itinerary.
  4. Though a small crowd shows up, all they do is complain about the Spice Wine being the only thing served. Not even the Alchemists test it.
  5. Kinda a disaster. Rowdy bachelor crowd ends up a weep-fest with Damer sharing his inner feelings and a sympathetic hobgoblin (if 3 was made on a previous roll) patting him on the back saying "Grutahg hear you, man..."
  6. Unghh. The Blackwatch offered to entertain by stripping here too. And it actually livened things up.

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