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Portfolio: A selection of projects detailed and displayed

The following pages describe in detail several mutlidisciplinary projects. Most of the project breakdowns include large thumbnail images and links to movies. Linked media may require high bandwidth connections.

NCSA RiverWeb: A Mississippi Basin Knowledge Network
A team of environmental scientists, visualization experts, interaction designers, display technologists, programmers and education researchers are prototyping the Digital River Basin, a modular software and data architecture that will support dynamic, extensible museum and web-based visitor explorations of selected characteristics of the river and its watershed.

MachineChild Ensemble: Installations and Projects
The Machinechild Ensemble investigates issues in coupling art and technology - human-machine interface and interaction, real-time sound and graphics environments, distributed performance in composed spaces, and interactive display of complex simulations.

The Media Cafe: The RingDisc CD-ROM and Dylan
The Media Cafe created sound technology-based solutions for industry such as developing interactive soundtracks for video games, compression algorithms, and real-time sound environments for 2D and 3D applications.

Sonance Research: Desktop Sonification and Sound Authoring
Addressing a need in all computing environments: the real-time delivery of dynamic, interactive audio.

Film and Video Production: documentary production

Computer Animation and Graphics, Compositing, and 3D work: Images and Movies

Credits: List of individuals who have lead, participated, or peripherally consulted in my listed projects.

If you want to see any recent work (from 2003-2006), please email me at juhan@mit.edu. I have a PDF document I can send you (I cannot publically post it).




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