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Fun Stuff

The following pages describe in detail several mutlidisciplinary projects. Most of the project breakdowns include large thumbnail images and links to movies. Linked media may require high bandwidth connections.

Wyoming on Horseback: A Visual Guide
A brief series of photos taken on a ranch trip to Cody, Wyoming (just on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park).

Model Airplane Flying: Flicks and Picts
An extensive collection of movies and still images documenting Jeff Connolly's and my RC flying experience over the past 16 years.

Strange but True: A goofy collection of goofy picts

Extraneous Films and Photos: All the extras
Small repository of travel photos, digitized video, and other personal goodies.

Glidecam V-20: Films and Photos
Armed with a Glidecam V-20 stabilizing rig and a JVC DV-500, I've shot several productions. Listed here are a few movies and images of the rig in action.

Cats: Kitten Photos
The new cats in action.



 Fun Stuff:

• Wyoming
• RC Airplanes
• Strange but True
• Extraneous
• Glidecam V-20

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