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Here is a list of individuals who have lead or significantly participated in the projects listed on this web site.

Robin Bargar, NCSA
Jeff Babson, The Media Cafe
Cliff Baker, MITRE
Andrew Beddini, NCSA
Alex Betts, NCSA
Shawn Chin, MITRE
Christen Coomer, The Media Cafe
David Curtis, PhD, NCSA
Christian Doellner, The Media Cafe and Film work
Scott Foote, MITRE
Camille Goudeseune, Phd, NCSA and The Media Cafe
Paul Kroft, MITRE
Michael Macasek, MITRE
Rob McCready, MITRE
Mike Nosal, MITRE
Andre Quina, MITRE
Harry Sleeper, MITRE
Aldo Sonin
Ben Szlyk, Cinoni
Micky Theodoridis, Cinoni
Robert Thew, MITRE
Abigail Kirigin, MITRE
Stephen Unterfranz, NCSA
Rachel Yu, Cinoni



• RiverWeb
• Machinechild
• Ring Disc
• Animation
• Web Applications
• Web Spaces
• Extraneous Design

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