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Extraneous Design Examples

Diagrams and comps, graphic design samples, branding schemes, interior design, product design...

Note: Many projects cannot be showcased publicly because of confidentiality and security agreements. They may be available by request.

Comps, Charts, and Diagrams

My Role: Interaction Designer

consumer reports diagram
ENweb consumer reports-like dashboard (2004)
consumer reports diagram
ENweb service diagram (2005)
consumer reports diagram
Goals App Diagram (2006)
consumer reports diagram
Personal Dashboard (2006)
consumer reports diagram
Dashboard email flyer whacks (2006)
consumer reports diagram
Notional corporate dashboard (2006)

Task/project tracker, emailed dash service (2006)

Rough comp of two news services (2006)

Collaboration Software ID/IA chart

WingTop Charts (cell/pda prototype)

Biz/App Process Charts

Branding Schemes, Graphic Design

My Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer

Division design team marketing materials, branding scheme, logo

MITRE design ad

MITRE design ad, page 2

design group logo

proposed handouts

team poster design

email ad/e-flyer

TeckTalk series poster

TechTalk series poster

ENweb logo/box design

Job board e-flyer


Interactive Hallway Environments, Interior Design

My Role: Designer and Creative Director

Collabspace interior re-design

MITRE map prototype

MITRE google installation visual description






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