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Web Spaces

Note: Over a dozen applications are not showcased publicly on this page because of confidentiality and product-to-market agreements. Examples from multi-million dollar projects involving Houghton-Mifflin, the Federal Government, and other institutions are available by request.

Artist Rob Amory's website.


My Role: Designer and Developer, Videographer and Editor

Second Site Iteration (Oct 2002)

Main portfolio

Sub portfolio section

Artist information
First Site Iteration (Oct 2001)

Elements page

Artist Statement page

Gallery page

Jazz Studio Gallery page


Cinoni, Inc


My Role: Creative Director, Interface Designer

Several iterations of Cinoni stand-alone (demo-based) and web material.

Cinoni's last web site look as of May 2001 (home page)

Cinoni's last web site look (sub page - Technology)

Cinoni's web site look (March/April 2001)

Cinoni's web site look (Jan 2001)

Cinoni's web site look (Jan 2001)

Cinoni's web site look (March/April 2001)

Cinoni's web site look (Jan 2001)

Cinoni's web site look (Jan 2001)

Cinoni's web site look (Dec/Jan 2001)


Burlington RC Flyers website

My Role: Designer and Developer

A fun local club website

Home page (with revolving 'Featured Pilot)

One of the picture gallery pages


Education Portal: Web Portal for Educators
My Role: Information Architect and GUI designer

The Education, Outreach, and Training - Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure Consortium formed to create a national infrastructure for technology and research, EdGrid, to assist teachers prepare lesson plans. The group will design the Education Portal as a tool teachers can use to prepare and develop courses, research projects, research reports, and communication tools. The portal will include links to on-line teacher preparation courses and course modules. The site that will allow pre-service teachers to choose courses from any college that will meet their needs. Access to these courses will also assist teacher educators as they design their own courses.

Alpha Mockup of MyDocuments GUI

Alpha Mockup of MyCollaboratory GUI


RiverWeb NEH Web Project
Original site concept and implementation: 1996

My Role: Architect, Designer

The UIUC History Dept., the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the Illinois State Museum and other partners are working to establish RiverWeb as a comprehensive, World Wide Web (web)-based program of education and outreach on the Mississippi River Basin. Funding has been awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to build a small prototype, web-based learning resource aimed at pre-college and college audiences.

St Louis Culture Landing Site

Cahokia Landing Site

Top Page/Poster

CDROM cover (html experience)


National Education Alliance Website

My Role: Project Director, Interface Designer, Scripting

Project Description:
Design, develop the national education and training web presence for the Education division, NCSA - and create a global design template for PACI, NPACI, and alliance education groups

draft designwork:

Top Page

second level page mockup

initial site design

second level page mockup


Audio Development Group

Virual Sound Server Online:A demo which illustrates VSS's webification and the sounding of data. Download the java application (~24mb) and VSS WinX/NT or IRIX (~3mb).


VSS Web Demo: Browser interface



Digital Video Tesbed

My Role: co-testbed developer, workshop speaker, site developer

Project Description:
In an initiative aimed at the K-12 community, NCSA will be hosting a summer digital video workshop from July 29th to August 9th, 1996. During the workshop, a small group of Illinois teachers will be introduced to desktop production, editing and Web integration of digital video, with the goal of creating their own video materials for Internet dissemination via a small-scale, prototype, K-12, digital video server testbed.


online digital video resource design

web site structure/design

online digital video resource design


Corporate web work with The Media Cafe

draft designwork for website

draft designwork 2 for website

Mallorn Technologies logo

Wayne Shaw online art gallery

Intel Merced Group Logo

Intel Merced Group Logo








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